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Everyday Love

How do you define everyday love? I think we all define it in a very different way – and yet, we can all find something soothingly similar in our ways of defining everyday love. We started planning our spring 2017 issue with defining what everyday love is, and we realized that self love was very high on that list when we talk about everyday love. How can you love someone else and give someone your full self if you don’t take care of yourself? The topic of self love is so close to our path to wellness and choosing to live naturally, but it has other aspects than just physically taking better care of your body. Wes Holland writes a very personal article about self-confidence in relation to what we wear. While it is so easy to think fashion is not important in life when it comes to our well-being and well, love, but Wes gives us something to think about. Our big topic for love and self care and wellness is focusing in a topic in the between the sheets. No, not sex, but sleep!! Leigh Hines investigates and finds out why sleep is so important for us (also for your sex life!), and we collected some tips how to sleep better, thanks to hacks from Tasha Elkins and of course, using aromatherapy with essential oils. We like to look at things from a different angle. Have you ever met a wedding photographer who has guts to say that the wedding day isn’t or shouldn’t be the best day of your life? Well, we have Brooke Genn in our team, who believes just that (and we agree!). If your wedding day is still ahead, Brooke gives you something to truly think about, and if your wedding day was years ago, perhaps you can agree that today is a good day to love and cherish your relationship. Brooke also interviews an inspiring world traveling couple who recently decided to trade years of nomadic living to a permanent home. Their insight on love is beautiful, and makes you want to either see the world with your loved one, or appreciate what you have at home right now. I’d like to think we all rather live and love, instead of watch make-believe love stories on TV, but we know our everyday lives sometimes just call for Netflix (& chill). In this issue we will give you tips which movies to watch to take you to Europe for an hour or two. I personally love visiting places I’ve seen in movies, and watching movies and recognizing the places where they have been filmed. Traveling with your loved one can feel like your own Hollywood love story coming true, and truthfully, we all can be directors and leading stars in the love story of our lifetime. And even if you haven’t found (or lost) “the one” – you have yourself. Love yourself enough to create the travel adventures you will cherish the rest of your life. Solo travel is self love, and actually two very iconic movies I mention in the magazine prove just that. And as always, we’d like to invite you to look at your travels from a new angle, and we always encourage you to bring something you love home. Often it is a life lesson, or a skill, but in this issue I talk about bringing souvenirs from your travels to create a home you love. From visiting Paris flea markets to souk in Marrakesh, I share how you can bring unique treasures from your travels home. We encourage you never to give up on something you love, and never give up on your biggest dreams. Crazy dreams can come true, but it often takes grit and willingness to go through hard times. My husband Matt opens up about his journey becoming a helicopter test pilot, and full-filling a life long dream. You can create a new way of living as our community members will show you in this issue. Our Young Living team member tells about her path to holistic living. Young Living is part of many of our community members lives, and we will continue sharing how the natural products help us to live life to the fullest, every day. Read our Everyday Love issue on Issuu, or from the widget above – just click to make it a full screen!

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