Effective Marketing Does Not Mean Being On 24/7

Don't only think of social media marketing.

We created the Big Rich Money Content Marketing Matrix that looks at marketing from four different angles, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to create an effective marketing plan that will bring results for a long time. You can learn more about it in our book and e-course.

Time is one of the important aspects of your marketing plan. How fast do you want results? How much time will go into execution? Is the timing right? How long will the campaign last? How long will the results last?

Fast marketing – not always the best

I have done marketing consulting on and off for 13 years, and most of my clients want marketing results fast. Makes sense, who doesn’t? However, the most successful clients and brands that I have ever worked with are those who in addition to the short-term campaigns, and (digital) marketing that gets the results fast, focus on many long-term goals, branding, and building customer loyalty. I fell in love with social media marketing as an early adopter (and for the reason of getting results fast), and I have been contributing to the fast marketing as well with posts like how to get more Instagram followers. But I have to say, I really love sustainable marketing methods where I don’t have to work myself to death and be online 24/7 as an entrepreneur. I am really happy for you if “all” you have to do is to show up and do Insta lives or TikToks and you will get immediate sales. That is a lot of work, and not everyone can do it, you are doing great! I still encourage you to think of the shelf-life of some of your content, and to ask yourself – do you see yourself keeping the content creation up for years to come? Have you added other marketing tactics with it? We are so used to instant gratification as consumers, that that’s how we see our own marketing efforts easily too. Get your message out there fast, and we want to see results immediately. We see other entrepreneurs doing it, and we think we should be getting fast results the same way too. If we don’t, we feel that we failed, just like we failed on the ridiculous diet we saw on TikTok. Social media marketing and the hustle culture often associated with that among entrepreneurs are not good for us as humans. I know too many burned-out social media managers, and entrepreneurs who struggle to show up online every day. I’ve felt it. It’s especially difficult when your heart is not in it. Something traumatic happened in my personal life years ago, and after that, it was very difficult to show up the same way authentically – without telling my personal drama. I just could not do it the same way. I still believe that telling your authentic story and building your personal brand as an entrepreneur are some of the most powerful things you can do – but I understand the challenges as well. Not everyone is an outgoing extrovert who wants to be on all the time, and not everything in our lives is or should be sharable.

Build your marketing in a sustainable way

The good news is that there are marketing hacks for introverts and there are multiple ways to do marketing that does not involve the 24/7 content blasting from every platform. If you feel like most of your marketing efforts are like blasting with a megaphone all the time, and you get no break, nor can stop, and you want to learn how to build your business (and your marketing) in a more sustainable way, Big Rich Money is for you. Fast results are great, but not when you are married to the hustle and you never get a break.  

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