Traveling with kids is fun – when you’ve got the gear

I have so many friends asking me “how do you do it”, when we (Mom, Dad and three kids, now aged 4, 5 and 7) travel. Well, I do have a few secrets in my sleeve, but the best advice I can give to anyone – pack the right stuff!

We don’t travel light – I don’t mind carrying all the outfits and entertainment and well, just stuff – to keep kids happy and me somewhat sane. We make traveling fun – even when getting from place A to place B.

Flying is always a challenge, and not really the flights, there are tons of great toys and enterntainment available to keep kids occupied, for example check out Madallie – a super cool children’s travel store.

The biggest challenge is the security checks, the waiting, the layovers and the time spent at the airports. Especially after you’ve just landed from an over-continental flight.. To be honest, there are not many NICE child friendly airports in the whole United States.

I always find myself wishing for another pair of hands when we’re trying to keep all of our belongings (and kids) together at the airports. I was so happy when I found a children’s luggage, which a child can ride on! How cool – it totally eliminated the need for a stroller!

Trunki ($40) children’s luggage is the answer I’ve been waiting for.

Trunki is the hands free luggage both you and your child will love. It’s low and light enough that children 3 and up and pull it along and they have a ready made seat when waiting in those long long lines. Gabi in the picture is 5 and she loves it – and is making the 7 year old sister so jealous!

Function, entertainment and transportation in one colorful suitcase, and it will double great as a playroom storage and an indoor ride on toy between vacations. How cool is that? I’d say it’s a must have luggage for all the kids flying to see Grandma and Grandpa this Holiday season!

(Sorry G-ma and G-pa, we are staying home and enjoying the Rocky Mountains this Christmas!)

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