Dude, can’t you see, I’m with a kid!

February 9, 2008 Katja Presnal

Dude, can’t you see, I’m with a kid!

I don’t post pictures of Celebrity Babies that often, because I feel bad for the Hollywood moms & kids – think if you were constantly followed by a crowd of people you don’t know? Think this of a mom’s point of view – wouldn’t you be afraid of something happening to your kid?

I applause for Hollywood moms like Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman for sticking up for their kids. Last week Jennifer Garner got upset with paparazzis running after her and Violet, and she yelled at them “What’s wrong with you? Dude! Can’t you see, I’m with a kid!”

For some reason I thought it was so cool, the Spy Barbie in action (sorry Jennifer, nothing personal, just a little nickname after your role in Alias), defending her toddler. Of course she got “bad press” for being “crazy” – but I think she just showed what a caring mother she is, and I am just more likely to go to see Juno now.

The “dude, can’t you see, I’m with a kid” was in my mind the whole day today while skiing with the kids, but luckily I didn’t have to release my inner lioness to defend my kids – it was my husband who finally beat a snowboarder with his ski pole for being careless on the slopes and risking the safety of our kids. (well, he exactly didn’t do that, but I thought that sounded really good).

I totally hate when people are being selfish and risking the safety of any child. Whether it’s paparazzis, or crazy snowboarders on the slopes – dude, think of the kids!

Katja Presnal

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  1. Stacey

    Here here, I’m so with you on that. Not that I struggle with that issue, I don’t. Yet. Okay okay, I likely never will..but I can still empathize!

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