Thank you Tom Cruise, I’m jumping on the couch now

Dear Mr. Tom Cruise, I wanted to sincerely Thank You for showing Suri’s ladybug shoes to Oprah while she visited you in your beautiful Telluride home. You might not know this, but it was me who packed them with love for Suri with all the other gifts you received from your friend. See, I am a children’s online boutique owner, and I live close by your Telluride home, in beautiful South-West Colorado. As a fan of your work, I was extremely excited about the possibility to help your friend to give you and your family something truly unique. I am so happy to hear the Ladybug Shoes are Suri’s favorites, you can not even imagine how happy that makes me. Thank you for letting everyone know about Suri’s favorite shoes. As a mompreneur of a small business, those four words “ladybugs are Suri’s favorites” mean the world to me and my small company. Especially when said by you on Oprah Show. I am literally jumping on the couch now, and I know you understand that I’m not crazy for doing it. I’m just sincerely happy, and why would there be anything wrong with a few good couch-jumps anyway? (And my honest opinion; showing your feelings towards a person you love by jumping on a couch on the national TV – that is so romantic!) Wishing you much success, Katja Presnal Founder/Owner of Skimbaco Ps. I know you dance in your underwear, you told that in the interview with Oprah. Hope you like the Blume underwear with Katie embroidered on them – sorry, couldn’t help but recommend those for a gift for you. I just knew that you had to be the dancing-in-the-undies kind of guy.

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