Good bye Dallux, I mean Dallas


I know, I know, we’ve been on our trip of a lifetime for almost three weeks now, and I haven’t been telling you all about it. I feel a little bit ashamed, but I do blame my blood clots for this – I can’t sit down in the front of the computer all day, bad for circulation, you know. I’ve been actually better, but I have bee trying to spend as much time with the kids as possible.

We have been in Dallas, Texas, for almost three weeks now. I’ve gotta call this neighborhood Dallux, since the luxury just apmlified after leaving the sticks in the mountains. It has been a blast, and we’ve enjoyed it by living it up. Hey, if you have to be homeless, at least you can be homeless in style, right?

Life has been one complimentary breakfast after another one, and trips to shopping malls – yes, even they have been an adventure for us, and “malling” has once again become a part of my kids’ vocabulary (only for temporary I hope). I have to be honest though, even after living in the mountains and no shopping in sight at all, Dillard’s can’t lure me to spend all my money in their amazing summer sale. I though maybe I have been a selective shopper only because of the lack of possibilities and because of buying everything online for the past two years, but it’s not just that. I really am very selective shopper, and the malls of Dallas haven’t really won me over. I am the girl who likes everything unique and Indie, everything you can’t find at the mall. (So far, only things I’ve bought, new Born shoes for kids, laptop bag for me and a few summer tops)

Part of the reason why I have been a posh princess the past two weeks is that my husband is just pampering me like there is no tomorrow. And life in general has brought to me a brand new Volvo SUV with the new car smell to drive, baseball game in a VIP suite, luxury dining enjoying valet parking and a private tour in the kitchen with the chef. I’m Twittering to one of the upcoming luxury jewelry designers with my new iPhone, and was invited to a Mojito party in Austin. Life in my vacationland, Dallux, has been treating me not just like a princess, but the queen herself.

Oh, and the the car – wouldn’t it be funny if I said that my car window was broken so I just bought a new car?

Just kidding. My car was being fixed because of the break in so I got one of the Volvo SUVs to drive for a few days. It was nice to have a clean car (with less than 200 miles on it), and the added leg room for the back seat passengers was great. But overall – I wouldn’t trade in my V70 for the SUV, I like mine better. It was nice to get to drive the Volvo XC70 for a few days though, it has been one of those cars we thought might be a good choice with three kids. After realizing how much better gas mileage and how easy the double integrated child seats are in our car are, I don’t think the XC70 even is in our list anymore. But we did do a mental note to remember to get the tinted windows the next time.


The camera has been too much for me to carry, so the pics are taken with a phone, thus the quality..

We have been hanging out with jewelry designer DeAnna Cochran as much possible. She is an amazing person and she has a son, with whom my kids just love to hang out. It has been great – two mompreneurs uniting and our kids are having a blast while we talk business. Last week we visited Dallas Aquarium together and my daughter Gaby finally got to see a hammerhead shark, which she has been wanting to see for the past two years.

One night we all got together with our husbands too and ate at the Maggiano’s Little Italy. It was so much fun – and the food, so good! Especially I recommend the award winning Braised Beef Cannelloni, the best cannelloni I’ve ever eaten! The atmosphere at Maggiano’s Little Italy was like in Italy, and made me really miss Europe. The private tour in the kitchen with a chef who has been in Foodnetwork TV show was a huge hit with my foodie kids. And the company made the evening even better. Good times.

On Thursday we were invited to watch a Texas Rangers baseball game in an air conditioned (important piece of information, it has been above 100F / 38C every day for the past 14 days we’ve been in Dallas) VIP box. The game? I forgot to watch. Oops, but I was having an amazing conversation about writing, and blogging with my husband’s colleague’s wife.

Over all, Dallas treated us well. Next time – let’s turn down the temperature for a bit, shall we?

Next stop will be Louisiana. In the middle of no-where, literally. We’ll drive to Louisiana on Tuesday, and stay there for almost two weeks, returning to Dallas on the August 17th. And finally, on the 20th we’ll start the drive towards New York. I have a feeling that the stay in Louisiana, next to a military base, will be a whole lotta different than the stay in luxury filled Dallas.

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