10 Ways to Use Less Paper

10 easy tips how to reduce the use of paper in your every day life.

MAIL AND HOME OFFICE 1. Think before you print! Don’t print anything unless you really have to – if you do, use both sides of the paper. And important tip: always use print preview! 2. Pay your bills online – most companies offer easy online billing. 3. Cancel some of your magazine subscriptions and especially shopping catalogs you receive. You can do it yourself by going to CatalogChoice.org. SHOPPING 4. Buy products that are smartly packed in as little paper as possible. 5. Use re-usable shopping bags and say no to paper and plastic at stores. In case you will get paper shopping bags, use them to collect recycable paper and recycle them. The brown grocery bags are also great as packing material when you mail something, they are great for kids crafts and home made gift bags. 6. Buy food in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging you are using. AT HOME 7. Set your home for easy recycling – if it’s convenient, you are more likely to do it. 8. Don’t use kitchen paper towels. Use a cotton towel you can wash all over again to wiping the kitchen counters, another one for drying your hands, and a third one for cleaning. 9. Don’t use paper napkins – choose washable fabric napkins you can use year after year. ON THE GO Last, but not least… This can be very difficult for some of us: to stop getting your coffee on the go in a paper cup. Eliminating the to-go-cup can make a huge difference for our environment. Get it on the go in a thermos instead – or even better, stop and drink it at home or in a coffee shop, it’s better for your mental health to take the stop too.

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