We Are Moving…

July 16, 2009 Katja Presnal

We Are Moving…

Loving the high ceiling & the fireplace (& the loft!)

Yes, yes. We are moving, and got the keys to the new place today. I know, I just posted a few weeks ago that we are not moving anywhere this summer. But as always, life had other plans for us, and we are thankfully taking it day at the time and living it to the fullest. We really had all the best intentions not to move this summer, and actually bought new furniture, curtains, rugs, and were re-decorating our home two weeks ago. My big plan was to “make your home a spa” to reality and show the results with you in my live show last week. When we were half way through our decorating project, things got nasty. I moved a playhouse in the girls’ room and found mold on the wall. We’ve had water damage in the laundry room, living room and our son’s room, and now this (in the past ten months). And finding mold really ruins the spa-feeling, don’t ya think? So that was the reason that my video footage in my show was missing. It was 4th of July weekend, and we pretty much spent it by driving around and looking for a new home. No fireworks, no big parties. Kids didn’t want to move away from their school district, I wanted to move closer to the city. All of the places didn’t accept dogs, and my husband was worried sick where we pull the money out for a move. Four days ago we found a perfect compromise, and we are getting the keys today. Not that we move quickly or anything. I don’t know how we were and are able to pull this one off, but seems like many stars are lining just right and finding mold might just have been the greatest thing. My in-laws are coming for a visit from Texas today, and we are taking a three day vacation. Tomorrow we are going to see the Statue of the Liberty, Saturday is a zoo day, and Sunday we’ll see WNBA game at Madison Square Garden. Monday I might breathe again. Oh no, scratch that, then I’ll shop and pack for BlogHer, and start packing for move. Tuesday I have a business meeting and I’ll be gone most of the day and Wednesday I’ll fly to Chicago. Somehow I am keeping this all together and I am also working on some very exciting new projects that I am able to tell you soon.

Katja Presnal

Katja Presnal shows how to live Nordic inspired life to the fullest and plan your dream life. Katja owns Presnal5 strategic marketing intelligence agency and wants to help marketing professionals to combine a dream career and dream life via freelance work. Katja is an award-winning marketing strategist, and a well-known speaker. Katja has lived in five different countries, and seven states in the USA. Her three children were all born in different countries within three years. When not working or jet-setting the world, Katja is at home cooking big family dinners. She has been featured in NY Times, Glamour, Redbook, Fodor's, Forbes and Woman's Day magazines among many other national and international publications and written for MTV3 and Lifetime TV networks.

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  1. Congratulations on the move katja! The place looks gorgeous without anything in it! Please post more pics once you are settled. xoxo

  2. I’m a strong believer that if we follow our instincts and our passions, life has a way of working out. I think you live your life that way and just look at all the fun you’re having! (Attitude is pretty important too – lol!).

    Sending you good karma and peace for your projects and the move ahead!

    .-= Sharon McMillan´s last blog ..Backyard Garden Could Turn you Into An Eco-Farmer =-.

  3. Naomi

    Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. Don’t be alarmed when I rub up next to you at BlogHer, hoping it will come off on me… (just joking!)
    .-= Naomi´s last blog ..Love and Marriage =-.

  4. Yuk! Mold is definitely a good reason to move. I hope the new place is the perfect replacement. Moving is not fun but I think having a new home, healthier one at that is funn-er! :)

    Happy for you!

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