Back to School Countdown has Started

Our school hasn’t started yet – but the countdown has! 10 more days and school starts! Here is a picture of last year’s first day of school, kids were nervous and excited to go to a new school. This year at least the school is the same, but I think the nervous excitement still will be the same (kids will be excited, me.. nervous). My second-grader will have a same teacher this year as last year, thanks to a great experiment of having 1st and 2nd graders together on a same class, but the other two will have new teachers and probably some new classmates too. Summer has gone way too fast, and I wish I had done more with the kids; traveled and seen more new places and done more exciting things. But on the other hand – we don’t need all that, it has been nice to explore New York together, and just spend dog days of summer on the pool and hanging out at home. We will travel more during the school year this year, now it was nice to calm our summer, get used to living in a new home, and just hang out. Let’s hope kids won’t ask to go to summer camps next summer either, time that they are young goes way too fast, and I feel so lucky to be able to stay at home and spend long summers just hanging out… with my precious kids. Do I have to take the kids to school in ten days…?

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