Nesting Dolls Galore

Russian nesting dolls, Matryoshkas, are the most famous Russian souvenirs. I shared a shelf full of souvenier Matryoshkas with my sisters when growing up, and seeing the nesting dolls be such a big trend now brings back childhood memories. We have a nesting doll store close by, a huge pink house full of Matryoshkas directly from Russia, and I took kids there one day for shopping. I was surprised that some of the nesting doll sets were over 500 dollars, and also the availability of every cartoon character and celebrity on earth as a nesting doll. I like the folk lore look of the traditional dolls, but I think I might have hard time fitting them in our home. But nesting doll prints have been so popular in the past couple of years, and still going strong that I wanted to look for some cute modern nesting doll products that I like. nesting doll I really like the set of three candles would be nice even for the Holidays. The nesting dolls pillows by Thomas Paul run around 70-80 dollars and would fit in modern home. I love the nesting Doll accessories by Beaky from England, and Enna’s nesting doll wall decals are cute too, both from Etsy. Etsy has a great selection of cute nesting doll products. nesting doll

nesting doll

There are so many great nesting doll product lines for kids in Europe and Australia – like the bedding in the top picture by Australian Comeinside and the bedding and accessories by Hiccups for Kids. nesting doll These two products are more my style.. Modern take on nesting dolls – Yar Rassadin green alien look-a-like nesting dolls. nesting doll Russian designer Alex Mamontoff’s “Audiomatryoshka” speakers look great! Too bad they are just a prototype.

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