Our home is finally getting there with our Christmas decorating… We added Marimekko Hetkiä fabric on the top of the fireplace and while it doesn’t really go with our Christmas theme that includes doves and motives from nature, but I still love it. We thought about hanging it up after the Holidays but now I’m so happy we already hung it up, I’ve been working from the couch and looking at it the entire day today, and I love it. I bought a few new things this year, mainly craft items and some ornaments from Michael’s and basically just went through everything we already had. I wanted to mix natural elements and white with silver (and a little bit of gold) to get a nice contrast. We did some simple crafts with the kids, they created flower arrangements on the windows – and I used the left over sticks from the greenery to create my own centerpiece for the mantel. It’s kind of crazy – but I like it that way. My favorite part of our Christmas crafting are these paper doves though. I think they turned out nice, and we didn’t buy anything for them – we used left over wallpaper, paper, ribbon and feathers and the golden parts are from a past Christmas card we got from a family member – the one card had so much golden leaves that I was able to cut golden leaves out for 10 doves! We have so many nice Christmas tree ornaments that it was difficult to stick in the theme and to the colors we had decided, especially kids got little upset because they couldn’t add all of their favorite ornaments.. But once the tree was ready, we all love it so much in its simplicity. We also created crystal ornaments ourselves by tearing up an old light fixture and taking the crystals out of it and just looping them with white ribbon. On the top of our home made ornaments we added ribbon, balls in white and silver and ornaments that look like squirrels and owls (made out of pine cones) and then a few additional ornaments that fit the colors/theme. The only ornaments that have the red ribbon and bring a little color are the Iittala Taika ornaments that I love reminding me of back home. Is your home already ready for the Holidays?

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