My European Culinary Adventure is Beginning

Hi there. This poor little food blog has gotten completely ignored since we decided to move to Sweden. It has been crazy four months so far, but this transition time is almost over and we will get our new home in April, move in, and the brand new lifestyle starts. As my life is changing, my blogs will change as well – after all, Skimbaco lifestyle can be anything, we all can live life to the fullest in so many different ways. The “Scandinavian twist” in this food blog was meant to be recipes inspired where I’m from, but maybe now the Scandinavian twist in this blog is food as I see it here in Sweden..? I am hoping that I can take you along to a culinary tour around Europe and even if I can’t send you food… at least some food porn, inspiration and ideas from overseas. I am thrilled to be in Sweden, and can’t wait to cook more with the fresh ingredients here. But before I get a kitchen and get settled and start cooking more.. here are some reasons why I already love living in Sweden, and why our new hometown Liköping already has a special place in my tummy heart. You could say that I sat down in the “ready made table” when I got here, when it comes to food. The first night my husband took us to meet his new local chef friend, Markus Ollila who cooks at Platens Bar. Markus cooks for us our grew of Americans once a week, and I’ve never even seen the menu – he is showcasing his special recipes from reindeer to salmon, and we never order – we eat whatever Markus cooks for us! Unfortunately the lighting is very bad for photos at Plantens, but I am hoping to feature more of Markus’ food in the future. We love crépes, and our favorite coffee shop already is Ammos Café Crépes, owned by Greek Dimitris, who makes amazing crépes with your choice of filling. You’ll get your crépe filled in Greek tradition with feta cheese or with chamtarelle mushrooms the Swedish way, or filled with yummy Nutella like the French like it (and my son in the top photo). I guess the Espresso House is Sweden’s Starbucks, and while it doesn’t beat Starbucks in the coffee selection, they do offer one of my favorite cupcakes I’ve had for a very long time: raspberry and black licorice cupcakes. I must figure out a recipe how to master this at home. Norins Ost cheese store in the center of Linköping is a small cheese lover’s heaven. We literally could live with fresh bread, cheese and fruits and vegetables, and in fact we’ve had just that even for dinner on a few evenings, also due the fact our little kitchenette in the hotel suite offers a place only for limited cooking. And it wouldn’t be Scandinavia without cinnamon buns…. And the culinary adventure in Europe starts…. Stay tuned.

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