Being Rich is Not about Money. Not even in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco is the playground of the rich, and I loved visiting Monte Carlo for two short days this spring. I felt like I was transported to another world, that is not attainable for normal humankind, only for the Richie Rich-kind. But you can live rich life without being rich and boy did this come to my mind in Monte Carlo in so many ways. We quite literally were homeless when we visited Monte Carlo – it was a week before we got our new home in Sweden, and our belongings from New York were still in transit and we left our luggage with friends in Sweden, and had no address anywhere in the world. And right there between taking a photo of a 60 foot yacht and peeking through the window of a McLaren store I got it. I got what the Monte Carlo experience for me was all about. It wasn’t about the most luxurious experience of my lifetime (because we couldn’t afford it done right in Monte Carlo). It wasn’t about feeling for one day you played in the same playground as the richest of the world (because walking on the same street doesn’t really qualify). It was this huge realization how happy I was to be right there right on that moment with my family, and having no regrets in life, or wishes we had more money to do Monte Carlo “the right way.” With so much of the best what money can buy surrounding us I felt prouder than ever that I knew how to be happy with less. I had been semi-obsessed about visiting Monte Carlo, but once I got there I realized how silly I had been, and I knew immediately that the highlight of my life, year or even that week wasn’t seeing the richest country in the world. The real highlight of my visit to Monte Carlo was getting reminded how truly rich I was for having my family and for the amazing life we have together traveling around the world. I was “homeless” in Monte Carlo, but felt the richest in the world. Read more about our trip to Monte Carlo, in case you missed.

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