Live a Little: Don’t Let Others Define Your Limits

Don’t Let Others to Define Your Limits

I’m writing this mad. And that’s probably not a good thing, especially because the complete purpose of Live a Little series is to inspire you to find small ways to live life to the fullest, and I am doing my best to try to INSPIRE you. But hey, stick around. You know those people who have done a bungee jump once, and think they are the ultimate thrill-seekers and live adventurous life, even though they now live in their cubicle telling the same old bungee jump (or insert some other adventure) story again and again? They drive me crazy. Usually those are the people who come to you and criticize your adventures “zip lines are great but it’s not like it’s a bungee jump.” My live a little tip today is: don’t let anyone else to define YOUR limits and what is adventurous and taking a risk for you. And never ever let anyone belittle your adventures.

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You know who also make me mad? Those people who said they lived the time of their lives in high school and miss the good old times. Sorry if you are one of them. I’m sorry that I said that about you, and I’m sorry for your life after high school. My theory is that when we are young we have all of these dreams, what we are going to do when we grow up and we see all of these possibilities that future has for us, and the entire world is out there for us to concur. Then we all hit a few bumps on the road, realize that being an adult isn’t all that we thought it would be, and many are “screw that” and try to get what they can and forget about their dreams. The rest of us – we never give up our dreams. The dreams may change over the years, and life and world will change us, but the truly adventurous people who live Skimbaco lifestyle never stop dreaming, trying new things, and taking risks. But going back to never letting anyone else define your limits and adventures for you… You know in your heart what is doing out of your comfort zone to you. That’s great if you go hang-gliding, or mountain climbing, or quit your desk job to sell coconuts on a beach somewhere. And I’m in awe of people like my friend Satu who has been kayaking all around the world (she just had a baby and now she is traveling around Europe with her six month old and she will start writing for Skimbaco soon!), but it doesn’t mean that that kind of lifestyle is for everyone. And it’s OK. YOU don’t have to climb mountains or jump off planes to live life to the fullest, but you do have to define your own limits and step outside your comfort zone and take risks. Naomi wrote about living a little and going to opera and Lisa reminded you to take time for yourself, and we both know that the guy who jumped the bungee jump once in college will say that “ha, that’s living a little? Try a bungee jump!” We know better. We know that living life to the fullest is combining those once in a lifetime opportunities with small every day things of unexpected and moments that take us out of our comfort zone – like read how Rajean makes even paying bills more fun. And that’s what Skimbaco community aims to do – to inspire you to find YOUR adventure, your everyday thrill, your big and small ways of living a little and living a lot. I wonder what that guy in the cubicle would say if we asked him to live a little and wear pink tomorrow? I bet he’d not be that adventurous after all.

Your turn…

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  1. I LOVE THIS. I agree. I think going to the grocery store in a foreign country is even an adventure in itself. I think people equate adventurous to extreme activities too often when it shouldn’t only be exclusively about that. Define your own adventures!

  2. You are always an inspiration for me and this post proves it again. One of the values I live by is to live my life without any should haves or could haves. Same philosophy, right? :)

    1. That’s exactly it – I have the same one! Or “then when”… I refuse to live a life when I say things like “then when I’m older, I’ll go to beach vacation” – putting my dreams on hold for some magical other time ahead in the future. No, I want to live NOW.

  3. I’m one of those that is constantly looking for the next adventure, partly because I grew up in a household in which that was discouraged. I suppose I never had my crazy adventures in high school and now I’m trying to have them all now. Smartly, however, I married a risk adverse man and together we create a good balance between jumping into adventure head first without thinking about consequences and never moving forward at all. I always joke with people that my husband and I leap towards life’s adventures at a snail’s pace. And it works great for us. Enjoyed this post Katja.

    1. I think lifelong adventures is much better and nothing wrong with slow pace! And it’s OK to be risk adverse too – I typically have plans A, B, C and D, and THEN I can be adventurous because I’ve already thought all of the scenarios that can go wrong and I have a plan what to do.. oddly, that makes me very flexible and allows me to let go and live in the moment. It makes me feel uneasy if there is no plan at all – but I’m OK if we end up NOT following the plan :) Oddly, planning and thinking of every single consequence and a solution if something goes wrong already ahead of time has made me more adventurous.

  4. I love this. What a great reminder that stepping out of your comfort zone brings some really amazing opportunities and quality to life.

  5. You made some great points. I had a conversation with an old high school friend last week and he actually talked about wishing he was back in high school…”the good old days” – how sad. Every day is an opportunity to live your life the way you want, to challenge yourself, to better yourself…I can’t imagine holding on to the past like that and not embracing the present!

  6. Darn tootin’! Imagine my surprise and thrill when I see you linked to ‘lil ‘ol me in this fabulous post? Flying! Thank you. I’m working on my post and will link it up soon!

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  8. Thanks Katja!!! And well, I’m in awe of all you have accomplished while jetsetting the world, setting up a family of five, all the while when working from home! Have to say, we’re quite happy to hit home now for a while, it’s been quite a busy & travel-filled spring! :)

    1. Yes, balance of both is great ;) I feel like I’ve been in my cave for two months now since we got the house… but so happy to travel to NYC this week and get out a bit too..

  9. I swear, we are always in sync! I got an offer last week that is moderately out of my comfort zone but I am dying to give it a try. My husband’s first reaction was “since when do you xxx” and I was so irritated because, seriously, why not give every new opportunity the chance to grow into something bigger and better? I hope it pans out, so I can tell you more soon.

    1. Exactly! And I think I’ve experienced some of the best things in my life when I’ve given a shot for something out of my ordinary things to do.

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