My Week in Photos: Enjoying Summer Edition

The past three weeks we have been lucky. We’ve had visitors from three different countries, from the US, from Finland and Satu from Norway with her beautiful daughter. Satu is starting to write for Skimbaco Lifestyle now regularly and you will be able read more of her travel adventures – this time with baby on board. One reason why I love what I do: we had a Skimbaco team meeting with Satu this week with four kids, sitting on a picnic blanket by the river, and eating potato salad. This pretty much sums up my week this week. In all seriousness, we did drive in one coastal town on the East Coast of Sweden, and we did get some important brainstorming done with Satu. But more importantly, this week was a great time to be home, enjoy our own backyard (we really only walked 200 yards to the river for a picnic..) and enjoy the warm weather we had. One thing about Scandinavian summers: the warm days come in limited numbers, hot days are rare and when it’s sunny, you’ve got to enjoy it. Satu and I were laughing that it is such a Scandinavian habit to be constantly checking the temperature, and the water temperature (in the numerous lakes and the sea) for swimming. I can now say with joy that we went over 70F this week, and the water temperature in the river hit 68F for the first time that high this summer. I know this, because I neighbor told us so. Like I said, Nordic people keep an eye on the temperatures. I can also say proudly that we swam in the river – probably the first and the last time this summer, because today the weather was back in the 50’s again, and let’s just say the river wasn’t that enticing anymore. So in addition to Instagraming a few pictures from our summer, I’ve started posting a scenic picture of Sweden every morning (late night your time). Many of you have said you love to see Sweden through my eyes, and often when we visit places I shoot ton of photos but don’t want to post everything at once, so I’ve started sharing these on the mornings. I also added the Instagram tab here in the blog, so even if you don’t have an iPhone or Instagram, you can see my pictures. It only shows a few latest.

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The #skimbaco hashtag has gotten some great photos this week, people have been skimbacoing in some beautiful places. Please share how YOU enjoy life on Instagram and use the #skimbaco hashtag. The photos will be featured on our homepage and possibly on our Facebook page. Remember – there is no wrong or right way to enjoy life, and you know how you are living adventurously, with grace and enjoying every day to the fullest. Share what Skimbaco means to you.

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