The Hot Travel Trend: Combination Travel

July 24, 2013 Reeta Laaksonen

The Hot Travel Trend: Combination Travel

Combination travel going on holiday to two, or more different destinations and experiencing opposites such as rural hiking or beach and a buzzing city.
Combination travel, combining two opposite destinations, is becoming very popular. Other type of combination travel getting very popular lately is not only combining destinations, but also the means to travel, such as self-drive teamed with railroad experiences or boating. The great thing about combination travel is that you can experience more than one location and make the whole traveling party happy with different choices, as well as avoid the “boredom” of staying too long in one place. Hong Kong and rural Philippines One of my examples from this year is combining busy Hong Kong with rural islands of Philippines. Bali-Kuala Lumpur Combination Travel We also combined beaches and culture in Bali with busy city life in Kuala Lumpur. This kind of travel is great especially for families where parents and children often have different ideas of the ideal vacation, and our family has been using this travel style a lot, even on short breaks. Last year we combined beaches of Bali with Kuala Lumpur city holiday, and earlier this year I went alone with the kids to Hong Kong and continued onto Philippines where we stayed in three different places: it was perfect with lots of beach for the children and some culture and sightseeing for the parents thrown in too! River barging in France I have done less of the combination travel which includes railroads or boating, but the first experience I had this year was a great experience: after walking days in Paris it was very relaxing to experience the slow life and culinary highlights in Burgundy countryside: I took the Eurostar train from England to Paris, spent three days admiring Paris in spring, then continued to an unique river barging experience and as a last leg of the trip spend few days under the warm sun of Spain exploring old towns and reading my Kindle under the warm sun while tasting local tapas. Hiking and beaches in Asturias in Northern Spain combined with couple of days of city sightseeing We also combined hiking and beaches in Asturias in Northern Spain with couple of days of city sightseeing was a lovely short break off the usual track of beaches only Spanish holiday we often have done. I think one of my bucket list combo holidays would be to take the Orient Express train from Istanbul to Venice and then do one of those lovely cruises, such as the Middle East one that goes through the Suez Canal. Nowadays with the help of Internet it is really easy to plan your own combination holidays, but if you want to take the stress of detailed planning and booking tickets and hotels away there are also several companies that specialize in this kind of travel – all you need is to create a bucket list of your dream combo and have someone plan it for you. Orient Express train So are you ready for your next adventure and are you thinking about combining different destinations and experiences? I’d love to hear your ideas and get new ideas for future trips! , , , , ,

Reeta Laaksonen

Reeta Laaksonen and her family are always on the move. For her, home is where her family is - which is currently near London, UK. Reeta has lived in five different countries and by the age three her twins had lived on three continents already. When this family is not planning their next move, you will probably find them hiking, visiting temples, old castles or relaxing on some secluded beach. She thinks that every day is special, with the next adventures waiting right behind the corner. Reeta loves gardening and decorating, and has a passion for good wines. Besides writing she also pours her energy on learning Mandarin Chinese and baking with her children. For more stories about travel, décor, inspiration and global family lifestyle visit Reeta’s blog House of Anaïs and connect with Reeta on Twitter @houseofanais. Check out also House of Anaïs on Pinterest.

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  1. Indeed, combination travel is a good way to see the world. You can also witness a street-dance parade within the city for a fast-paced but culturally enriching experience and head to nearby rural areas where your kids can have fun interacting with animals and enjoying the beach.

  2. Reeta Laaksonen

    Thank you Leigh and Jenn. I think lot of people do it unintentionally, but turning the tables around and planning for it can make the often boring part (i.e. getting to your destination already an adventure in itself)

  3. I’ve never done this type of travel intentionally, but it seems like fun. My husband and I travel pretty similarly, but there are times when we want to do different things, so this might be a fun option. Thanks for sharing!

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