Travel Insight: Survey reveals what women really want to do in bed on vacations

Vacation survey results As a mom who has two kids, I’ve been known to say that traveling with kids is not really a vacation, but rather a trip. So what’s the world’s view of the perfect, relaxing vacation? I guess everyone agrees that leaving the kids at home is a good start, but can a husband and wife agree on the best way to relax while on vacation. According to the 4th Annual Relexation Report, conducted by Princess Cruises, men and women are not always on the same page when it comes to the expectations of a relaxing vacation. Reading or sex on vacations?

Reading vs. Sex

It’s really not that surprising to me, but the survey revealed that almost one in four women would rather read more, whereas 34 percent of men would rather have more sex on vacation than at home. So your husband would rather cuddle up to you, and you would rather cuddle up with your favorite author. As a mom, that makes sense. Who has time to read at home? I posed the question to my own husband, and he agreed with the men. No shock there. Princess Cruises Relaxation Survey

Do Men Relax More Easily than Women?

According to the results, it takes longer for women to unwind than men. In fact, 45 percent of men feel relaxed when they return home from vacation, as opposed to 43 percent of women who feel tired and need a vacation from their vacation. This could especially be true for people who chose to rent a vacation home rather than stay in a luxury hotel or go on a cruise. Did you see this parody from “The Onion” about moms in beach rentals on vacation? It certainly made me giggle. Relaxing at Topsail Beach, NC

No Wake-Up Calls, Please!

Nothing says relaxation like burying yourself in white, crisp, clean sheets with no alarm clock set. Americans 18-31 years of age agree, with one in four choosing sleep as the activity they most enjoy doing more of on a relaxing vacation than when they are at home. On the other hand, only 14 percent of Americans 65 and older are eager to sleep on vacation. That’s because they get to relax at home. Don’t you think? Not surprising, while it may be challenging to achieve when children are with them, nearly one in four parents prefer sleeping more on vacation than non-parents. In fact, for parents, getting more sleep on vacation is more of a priority than having sex (23 percent and 20 percent, respectively). So now we know what that “Do Not Disturb” sign is really for when parents leave the kids at home.

Are you Being Served?

And this is no surprise at all, but more than two-thirds, or 67 percent, of those surveyed say that having someone cook for them was the most relaxing way to enjoy a meal. I couldn’t agree more.  But, sometimes it is nice to mix it up a little.  Like in the case of  this non-fancy, simple lunch with an amazing view in Topsail Beach, N.C.  Perfection! Topsail Beach , NC I’ve never been on a Princess Cruise, but good food that I did not prepare, no wake-up calls, a great book, some fruity drinks, a kid’s club, and a little love making sounds like the perfect vacation to me. I’ll  have my bags packed and ready to go at any time.  I was always a big fan of the “Love Boat”.  And with the new Royal Princess in its fleet, and the Duchess of Cambridge as its godmother,  it just seems like a great place to get to relax and enjoy the royal treatment. ulmstead spa by @hinessightblog I also asked my Instagram community for their ideas about a perfect, relaxing vacation. Some said being around nature and trees lowered the blood pressure to the point of relaxation, the majority said a visit to a spa was a necessity, and even a few said being at the beach with a new book was priceless. No one said “making love”, but then again, all that responded to me were women. What about you? What are your feelings on the best way to relax while on vacation? Photos: from my recent vacation to Topsail Beach, N.C. and a recent visit to the Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, N.C. and from LeMeridian Bali Jimbaran hotel by Katja Presnal.   luxury travel, East Coast travel, resorts & hotels, travel industry news, Southern travel, luxury travel blogger I live like a tourist in my hometown and my dream is to travel the world one luxury hotel at the time. If you love traveling as much as I do, subscribe to Skimbaco Travel, and never miss any travel content from our site.

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