Dream come true: My internship in Hong Kong

Dream come true: internship in Hong Kong Hey from Hong Kong! Having spent two weeks here now, I guess it is safe to say that I am settling well and it begins to feel like home for me. I’m an adventurer by nature and I could not be happier that I had the courage to step out of my comfort zone and spend a year in this packed, yet so exciting and global city. I’m confident that I will have the time of my life here.


I love the fact that the city never sleeps – you never get bored. This week, when not at the office, you can find me hiking to a beach, jumping from a cliff, enjoying the company of my new friends at a rooftop house party, tasting dim sum dishes, cheering in horse racing event in Happy Valley – the list goes on. Another thing I decided to do at least once in a week is hiking up to Victoria Peak. Perfect way to get exercise and your mind out of work. IMG_5125 IMG_5116 Speaking of my work, office is the place where I naturally consume most of my time, as the reason I am interning here. And not just in any company, but a really cool one. Luckily, my fellow workers are great and the days are filled with humor while getting work done. I’m happy that I found my way to a company who shares the same values with me – well-being, nutrition and raising awareness of healthy lifestyle. Further, working in a small and growing company allows me to get involved to responsible projects as well, which is naturally more motivating. pic1 Besides working hard, I’ve got to know and consume our products, which I find truly fascinating. Four Sigma Foods has products that are based on medicinal mushrooms. As my passion is studying wellness and nutrition, it has been more than interesting to learn about the benefits that these mushrooms can offer. Wouldn’t you like to boost your energy levels, improve sleep quality, memory and quality of your skin? The benefits are endless. Instant_Chaga_1x1 I have fell in love with Lion’s Mane Instant (brain boosters) and Chaga tea as a coffee replacer. Talk about upgrading your daily coffee – chaga is an extremely strong antioxidant that fights against bacteria, viruses and inflammation. pics I’ll keep you posted of my adventures in Hong Kong and also provide more information about the Four Sigma Foods products as well. Maybe the city too has something to do with it, but at least I feel more vibrant than ever! IMG_5099 Photos: Sonja Hannus and Four Sigma Foods

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