For Men: Top Bag Picks for Work and Travel

bags for men Today’s man on the go needs something to carry every day essentials- iPad, paper, laptop, notebooks. Bags for men have a stigma around them according to some, being called “murses” or “man bags.” However, there are many stylish, refined bags perfect for the man about town when it comes to work and travel. As someone constantly on the move, I could not imagine getting through the day without a good bag to hold all my “stuff” necessary for the day. Whether carrying just an iPad and some papers or a weekend’s worth of clothes, a stylish option can be found. Below are my top picks that cover a range of categories.   Tote/Everyday Bag: The tote style is the perfect bag for everyday because it is very versatile. The tote can be purchased from almost any designer, but look for one that is modern, large enough, and has a masculine aesthetic. This style is perfect for holding a days worth of books and papers for a student, or a laptop and iPad for the businessman. Additionally, totes make the perfect carryon bag when traveling. I prefer leather as it can be worn both casually or dressed up to the office. Ghurka offers an exceptional line of leather goods. This black Ghurka canvas & leather tote makes a subtle yet stylish statement: ghurka tote

Ghurka “Walker” Tote- $595 Nordstrom

 Weekend Bag: The weekend bag is an essential, especially when you live in the city and take short trips on the weekend. They also serve well as a larger carry-on when traveling. They come in a variety of sizes, but I tend to find the “keepall” size works well for holding 1-3 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes. For a weekend bag, look for fabrics that are more durable such as canvas because the bag will be getting thrown under buses, trains, and put into overhead compartments. The cabin bag below from Coach makes a great option: Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 4.27.25 PM

Coach “Bleecker Cabin Bag”- $698 Coach

Media Case:

Sometimes we are just running out to a coffee shop, leaving the office for a meeting, or heading to the library. In these moments, the essentials may only be an iPad or tablet and a few papers and business cards. With the rise in popularity of tablets, designers have started to focus on creating stylish cases to protect them that are also functional. The iPad agenda from Tumi will look sleek under your arm, even when paired with a suit yet it is still highly functional with slots for pens, credit cards, and papers:

Tumi iPad Agenda

Tumi iPad Agenda- Shown $145 Tumi

Briefcase: The briefcase can come across as stuffy when done in the classic, large, square style. However, designers have updated the briefcase to be much more modern and suitable for today’s businessman. Opt for leather when selecting a briefcase since it will be used more professionally and leather will look more put together and sophisticated. For modern briefcases, Jack Spade offers an array of styles perfect for today’s modern, urban dwelling man. The below is featured in all leather: Jack Spade Davis Briefcase

Jack Spade “Davis” Briefcase- $425 Nordstrom

Messenger Bag:

The messenger bag is perhaps just as versatile as the tote, working well for both business or travel. It can hold a days worth or work, and, sometimes, they can be large enough to hold a night or two worth of clothes. This style is a popular go-to for men and is available in a myriad of fabrics, colors, and shapes. I recommend one from a European designer as the tend to be more sleek and modern. The below from Bally is very simplistic, making it easy to wear and a great option for the man who is hesitant about using a bag:

Bally Messenger Bag

Bally Messenger Bag- $995 Bloomingdales

Great bags for men are out there, and designers have really updated them into modern, sleek, sophisticated accessories. The right bag can truly elevate a man’s sense of style and appearance while remaining functional at the same time. Invest in a well-made, high quality bag and it will last for many seasons. Whatever your needs, there is a bag to match.

 Photos: Nordstrom, Coach, Tumi, Bloomingdales Monsieur Curations - Men's Lifestyle at Skimbaco Lifestyle, feature by Wes Holland

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