What kind of a Gentleman Are You? 20 ways to be a Modern Gentleman

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1. a chivalrous, courteous, or honourable man. 2. a polite or formal way of referring to a man. 3. a man who treats others in a proper and polite way.

How to be a modern gentleman?

1. Being a gentleman is a lifestyle, not an act. 2. Give more than take. 3. Know the difference between courage and stupidity. 4. Say nice things, only when you mean them. 5. Be more confident, and less cocky. 6. Treat every woman like you would like your daughter to be treated. 7. Don’t make your woman jealous of other women. Make other women jealous of your woman. 8. Don’t spend money, invest it. 9. Live outside your comfort zone, and become the man you want to be. 10. Be social, but live in the moment with the people around you. Live the moment, don’t just tweet or facebook the moment. 11. Be a gentleman also online. 12. Be a gentleman because you want to, not because you have to. 13. Take pride on your appearance, but be humble when people notice it. 14. Be the man you want your son to grow up to be. 15. Appreciate time and be on time. Meaning enjoy life to the fullest, but remember the commitments you have and be on time to the engagements you have. 16. Don’t be flaky. Literally or figuratively speaking. 17. Work hard for the things you want in life, but don’t use questionable measures to get what you want. 18. Know the difference between being playful and being a jackass. 19. Dress like you are taking over the world. Even if it’s just your backyard. 20. A real gentleman isn’t afraid to speak up, but knows that actions speak louder than words. what is gentleman?

What Kind of Gentleman Are You?

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