Whiskey Cocktail Recipe for a Crowd: It’s no Longer Just a Man’s Drink

February 25, 2015 Leigh Powell Hines

Whiskey Cocktail Recipe for a Crowd: It’s no Longer Just a Man’s Drink

TOPO whiskey in Chapel Hill, N.C. We’ve come a long way, baby!  Gone are the “Mad Men” days of whiskey being a just a man’s drink, straight on the rocks. Whiskey sales are on the rise, and women are contributing to that rise.  Last year, whiskey sales were nearly $4 billions which is an increase over the $3.5 billion dollars in sales in 2013, according to recent figures released by Nielsen research. What’s different this year? Mixologists are being credited for this growing trend as they craft cocktails that complement the whiskey flavor with a plethora of other ingredients, whether its syrups, fruit juices, vermouth or even tea. Whiskey cocktails on the rise “People are drinking less wine and more whiskey, and women have become more inclined to give whiskey a try,” says Steven Earles, CEO of Portland -based Eastside Distilling, whose company already experiments with a variety of flavors in its drinks, such as Cherry Bomb Whiskey and Oregon Marionberry Whiskey. North Carolina’s TOPO Organics Distillery in Chapel Hill, N.C. released the Carolina whiskey  at the end of 2014, and it also sells a DIY-TOPO Whiskey kit for at-home distilling. “Brown spirits are really hot both domestically and internationally, and mixologists are making more and more inventive whiskey-based cocktails, ” commented Esteban McMahan, TOPO Organics Distillery’s Spirit Guide. ” My favorite whiskey cocktails are the “Orange County” served at the Top of the Hill  Restaurant in Chapel Hill, which includes TOPO Eight Oak, apricot brandy, vermouth & bitters.” In order to give whiskey in the bar a boost, some restaurants are now promoting “Whiskey Wednesdays” to feature cocktails.  From innovative drinks like New Fashioned and The Sidebar, whiskey is becoming center stage on the bar menu. The classic whiskey cocktail may the Old-Fashioned, which has been around since the late 19th Century, but now is the time to created new classics. Try this new whiskey cocktail by Eastside Distilling for your next cocktail party. Earls Demise whiskey drink from Eastside Distillery • Earl’s Demise 25 oz. Cherry Bomb Whiskey (one 750ML bottle) 12.5 oz. Burnside Bourbon 75 oz. Smith Teamaker Earl Grey Tea (chilled) 25 oz. Orange juice 25 oz. Simple syrup 12.5 oz. Sweet vermouth 5 tablespoons Peychaud’s Bitters

Mix all the ingredients in a large punch bowl, then add ice or ice ring. Serve in small punch glasses. The mixture serves 10-12 people.

For more  recipes for your at-home bar, visit Eastside Distilling and TOPO Organic Spirits for the latest mixology recipes featuring whiskey.

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