What Size Should Your Carry-On Be? Get the Airline Specific Guide!

September 7, 2016 Wes Holland

What Size Should Your Carry-On Be? Get the Airline Specific Guide!

What size should your carry-on be? If you are a traveler, you have been in the situation following situation: You have everything packed, and you feel proud that you efficiently fit everything into a carry-on bag to avoid all the hassles of checked baggage. You arrive at the airport, only to find that your carry-on does not fit the measurements of the overhead bin for your selected airline carrier, and under the plane your beloved carry-on goes, a victim of the dreaded gate-check. Our friends at PORTMANTOS, known for their luxury service and superb boutique offerings, has made an infographic so you can find what size bag to pack on your upcoming trip. The graphic not only advises on dimensions, but it also features a curated list of carry-ons that meet the criteria incase you find yourself with no options at home. All the featured products can be shopped directly on PORTMANTOS. Find your preferred airline and study up so you will be ready to go…. bon voyage!   carry-on-measurement-guidelines , , , ,

Wes Holland

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