I’m getting old – and so is snow

Me on my birthday run!

I’m getting old.
Really, I am.
Today is my 33rd birthday.

Woke up at six thirty this morning, shoveled snow to get out of the yard. Drove to ski resort to have an amazing ski day with my husband, while the kids were at the ski school. My legs are burning – there was fresh powder snow, and we did some serious powder skiing today. The picture is from the morning – and the snow is still coming down at 5 on the afternoon.

(Powder snow is fresh fluffy stuff, and when you ski, you dip into the snow, and you don’t even see your skis while skiing. Skiing is more difficult, and much more of a work out!)

While skiing I got so many ideas what to blog today – but after 3 hours of skiing, and after all snow shoveling when we got back home, my mind is blank. So I am just posting some photos of today, and some sensless talk to go with them.

Matt & kids – and the picture is so dark, I even adjusted it a little bit to lighter!
The sun was not out today, just clouds and clouds of thick snow.
See Matt’s skis? There are fat skis, meant for lotsa-powda.

I do love all this white stuff, but the question is how much.
Half of my office window is covered with snow, and we can’t even see out from our front porch.

We’ve been shoveling for weeks straight, and while trying to survive with internet and electricity and water blackouts, this Rocky Mountain living is really more of a LIFESTYLE than anything I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve done some camping in Finland, in the middle of the winter.

There are days when Campbell’s chicken noodle soup is your best friend, because you are afraid you wouldn’t make it to the store, and you are thanful that you’ve done your emergency canned food stocking.

Home schooling has come to my mind more than once this week.

You leave your car for couple of hours and it’s covered.
But hey, you’ll feel like a lottery winner when you finally find it!

But other than my now one year older body aching, I’m loving it. Whenever I have an extra three hours, I escape to the mountains with my skis, and it’s all worth it. I’m already horrified that there is less than two months left of the ski season. I might have to get myself a pair of good old Karhu cross country skis to get some April skiing done too.

Driving conditions of the week.
There is actually a car in front of us, you just can’t see it.

I feel kind of silly posting all these snow pictures – which are all basicly just poor quality (grey) photos of nothing. But I just want to show how it really is here at the moment.

We were outside shoveling snow and we heard the neigbour’s barn collapse. The whole roof collapsed, luckily they didn’t have their horses in! But my heart was just racing, when I thought the horses migth be in. Luckily nobody got hurt.

Snow can do that – it packs on the roofs and makes roofs to collapse :(

Our house looks so small in this picture, but it is up on the hill behind the car. It’s a two story house, but the snow has just covered most of it!!

Picture from the house down.

I know these are not great Rocky Mountain pictures – but you can’t even see the mountains right now, it’s snowing so much! When you look outside it’s whole lotta white and that’s it.

I’m going to enjoy rest of my birthday in the front of the fire place eating some hot chili, you enjoy the Super Bowl!

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