I’m one of Walmart’s Elevenmoms

I was just recently chosen to be one of Walmart’s Elevenmoms. Elevenmoms is a group of real-life moms and bloggers, who among many other things offer money-saving tips in the form of informative (and may I say fun) videos on Walmart’s YouTube channel. Not surprising for Walmart offering you always lot for your buck – “Elevenmoms” current number is actually 15 mothers (well, including one mother-to-be), and I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is even growing the next few weeks. After I told about this for a few of my friends, I received raised eye-brows and questions about why I would like to support a “company like Walmart”. As an emerging PR person, and social media consultant, my image is extremely important to me, and the question “who do I work with” is extremely important for me to answer right for the sake of the brand that I am trying to build for myself. While partnering with an international retail giant is a no-brainer, I (too) had some negative feelings about Walmart. Especially after visiting one of their stores (in Leesville, Lousiana) this summer and the media recently portraying Sarah Palin’s biggest support group “Walmart Moms” (and I don’t agree with her politics, not that it really even matters, because as a Finnish citizen, I do not have a right to vote). I’m sure I had several reasons not to have “my brand” mixed with Walmart’s image. I have more reasons to be part of something I believe is going to be revolutionary in American marketing history, with a company making world history. Walmart has given me a chance to have my voice heard by more people, and not to spread the word of what they do or sell, but what I believe in. Living smart and saving money is one of them. Sustainability and living green is another one. But this isn’t really about me. This is about something much bigger. Walmart didn’t just give me the spotlight to get my voice heard, they gave me a chance to get your voice heard. I was just visiting Bentonville, Arkansas, with the “other moms” learning more about Walmart’s company culture and their marketing and sustainability programs among many other things. Women and especially moms form the largest group of customers for Walmart, and Walmart wants to reach out to this group even more than before and do it right. That’s where I and the other Eleven Moms come along. We offer them information about what we real-life moms think, like, and want – all of us very involved with social media and blogging and voicing out not only the concerns of what we think but also what our readers and people in our networks think. I would love to hear your questions about Walmart and hope to get you some answers you have been looking for. Please join me on my journey as one of Walmart’s “marketing moms”.

  1. Yours is a really welcome voice to add to a great group! Can’t wait to hear more about this initiative!

  2. The Walmart’s sustainability program is the one that got me hooked. Seems like that’s the first I should write and tell you about!

  3. Interesting. I’d definitely like to know why you think they are/will be world history changing. I hope that’s a good thing.
    Also, please do tell us what you found out about how they treat their employees (here in the US as well as the workers who make the products they sell) and how they go about being a sustainable and environmentally responsible company. Those are the two biggest things I hear complaints about them on.
    Sweatshops and ruining the environment. Thanks!

  4. Did you happen to see any of the Norma Kamali line? I am curious about the quality.

    Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity!

    I am waiting by the phone to see if Target needs some moms…

  5. As a mom and a blogger I am proud to have you as our voice to this enormous company!

    Thanks for all you do!

  6. I used to have snotty ideas about WalMart until I finally walked in the store. I found tons of things that our family used and needed that didn’t break our budget. I remember whispering to my friends, “You know what? I just LOVE WalMart!” They usually had that look on their face like ((gasp!)) “Did she just say that?” But then we’d usually giggle, spilling our guts about how much we love that store!

    I do have a question, however. I hear so many complain about the treatment that the employees receive. I am a personal choice proponent, so I don’t understand the argument against WM if someone chooses to work there. What was your experience regarding the company’s attitude towards their work force?

  7. I’m so glad you joined us!!
    And I’m thrilled you could make it out to Arkansas with us on such short notice.

    I think this trip is going to be the thing we all look back on and say “that’s when it all started changing.”

    We owe major kudos to John too – for being the visionary he has been about this project.

  8. What a great opportunity you guys had! To be able to see and meet the head honchos and learn more about what they are about and what they are trying to do is just awesome.

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