Keep Calm Poster Trend just Left the Building

We have all seen the Keep Calm and Carry On print somewhere. Scratch that. We have all seen the Keep Calm and Carry On print everywhere. And that’s when you know it’s time to carry on. Poster from Store in Style. Don’t take me wrong, I love the poster. I love the idea behind it. I love the look of it. And damn it looks good on white walls in lonely apartments, and I wish I had had one in my apartment when I lived in Helsinki. It even looks great as a party decoration. Or maybe this is just a pretty garage sale: And nothing like making your camper feel like home. I get it. Photo I even love many of the 675 variations of the poster. “Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes”, I’m so there. I don’t even have a problem keeping calm and drinking vodka. I even love the print in other products. Like this rug? Love it. Rug: Pedlars

Keep Calm & Carry On Trend gone wrong

People have taken this trend to new heights and while yes, some are funny and very clever – some are just plain bad. And the problem, it is everywhere, over-saturated, overused, and even the non-clever people got a hold of it, and ran with it. And the smart business people ran with it too and printed it everywhere and sold the heck out of it. Some examples of too much.. like decorating for Thanksgiving…? Too much. What the heck “Keep Calm & Cranberry On” means anyways? And you know that it’s time to move on when any trend makes it to toilet lids or Thanksgiving decorations. And bandages? I love Urban Outfitters, who sells the bandages, but it is just too much. At this point if you still want to carry on with this trend, at least keep it in your home. Please say no to handbags, wallets, t-shirts or anything else that you could carry with you. And please, don’t even consider the tattoo. I declare… Keep Calm & Carry On poster trend just ended. So over it.

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