When it comes to dishes, it really was clear to me what to keep and what not to keep in our latest move when we had to get rid of even more things than normally (when we move). It was the nice high quality white dishes and the colorful printed designer dishes that filled the moving boxes and every single piece from IKEA or Target was gracefully donated. Going to IKEA is tempting here in Sweden too, but donating everything again in three years is not tempting at all. I want to pay even more attention to dishes I’ll buy, and want to add on to my collection with pieces that are worth taking along when we move the next time.

Black & White Dishes to Adore

Here are some of my favorite black & white patterned dishes to adore. 1. notNeutral black links coffee set includes a coffee pot, creamer and a sugar bowl. The set is $64 and perfect for afternoon coffee with friends. 2. Marimekko’s Siirtolapuutarha plate ($35) is one of my favorite black and white plate designs. Simple, modern, fun. 3. Mlle Oiseau Mug by Lovisa Burfitt for Rorstrand ($31) is the perfect designer mug for many purposes. Perhaps for the bathroom for the makeup brushes or toothbrushes? Perfectly brings you the Parisian feeling. 4. Moomin Pitcher by Arabia ($34.82) is the perfect water pitcher for family dinnertime. 5. Sagaform Keep Storage Jar with Oak Lid ($29.24) is perfect storage container & helps to make kitchen counters or inside of the cabinets look pretty. 6. iittala Taika black & white pasta bowl ($24) with its whimsical forest print makes breakfast granola taste so much better. 7. Filippa K Burkina bowl by Rörstrand ($18.71) is another perfect modern breakfast cereal or soup bowl. 8. Marimekko Räsymatto bowl in black and white ($25) is another perfect black and white designer bowl, designed by Sami Ruotsalainen and Maija Louekari. Serves perfectly also as a serving dish.

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