Live a little or lot.. but have fun!

When is the last time you said “this is fun – we should do this more often”… and then haven’t gotten to do it ever since? I wrote last week about meeting my husband and how marriage takes a lot of work, because I truly believe that even if you meet “the one,” there can’t be happy endings that appear like a rainbow in the sky – it takes work and nurturing to have a happy relationship and keep it that way! Such a cliche but it is like a garden that you need to take care of for it to blossom. Today as part of the Live a Little series I do with other bloggers, I am saying that your garden of fun needs a bucket of water and some serious work and I am encouraging you to focus in FUN. I have this theory that many people try to schedule fun, you know, book vacations, “let’s go out on Friday, it’ll be fun.” Many people also think that there shall be no fun in certain aspects of life. Nothing wrong being serious – and nothing wrong about making plans to do something fun, but may I suggest – focus on finding fun in unconventional places and your life will suddenly become so much richer! Stop scheduling your fun, and start living fun. I think the more we schedule fun, the more pressure we have to actually have fun. How often has your vacation, party, date, birthday or some other Big Important Moment of Having Fun been a huge disappointment? It used to happen to me all the time. I planned every aspect of The Fun Event, imagined how it would happen and how much fun it would be – and then something else happened and I just couldn’t let go of my original plan how I was going to have fun, and it ended up being everything but fun. It made me so mad – I had spent all this time planning and things didn’t go as planned it wasn’t fun at all!! But this is life, isn’t it? No magic eight balls, remember? On the other hand I’ve had some of the most fun times, when something has gone completely wrong, things have been so messed up, that you don’t know should you cry or laugh, and I have decided to laugh because what good does the crying do anyways, it won’t get the spilled milk back to the cup. I know both of those, “fun gone wrong” and “unexpected fun” have happened to you too. This week, let’s try to find ways to have more fun in our everyday life. How can your commute to work be more fun? How can cooking dinner be more fun? How can work be more fun? How can your time with your friends and family be more fun? I’ve got some ideas… but I’d like to hear from YOU. How do you make everyday living more fun? What are the small things in life that make it fun for you? Join us and share your ideas on on Pinterest or Instagram using #skimbaco or write a blog post and link it here. Make sure to read all of the ideas for having more fun this week! We are also Pinning the ideas for our Live a Little board on Pinterest.

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