Introducing Skimbaco Lifestyle Trendspotters on Pinterest {you can apply!}

Introducing Skimbaco Trendspotters on Pinterest

We started something new last year: we added several carefully selected contributors to Skimbaco’s Pinterest boards and started assembling an international trendspotter team. Many of our Pinterest boards are organized by lifestyles in different locations and we believe that who else would be the best experts on those locations than the people who live and visit those places often. This way we are truly able to bring you the best ideas for your next trip to Italy, for your weekend in the Hamptons or how to host a Moroccan themed party at home. The best of course is that you can get the feeling of any location just by visiting the Pinterest boards and even get ideas how to cook the local foods or decorate your home like they do in your favorite destination. While many of our trendspotters are recognized experts in fashion, travel, food or lifestyle, we also added several Pinterest-users who are fans of Skimbaco and experts of certain lifestyle just because they live and breath it every day. This way we also know that our recommendations are not biased by any affiliations, and we can get a fresh perspective on what’s in. We are lucky to have partnered with so many known names, but also with local people from around the world. Stay tuned for interviews with out Trendspotters on Pinterest to meet who our Pinners are.

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Skimbaco Lifestyle is YOUR lifestyle of enjoying life in a smart, stylish and sustainably happy way. It’s all about finding happiness in today, it’s about dreaming and making world travel happen but enjoying staycations and home equally, it’s about being in the know what’s trendy, but keeping your own style. Skimbaco Lifestyle is all about finding adventure and seizing the moment, but not letting anyone else to define those for you. It’s living a little, and enjoying small things, but also dreaming big, and giving up on small things in order to make big dreams come true. Do you feel YOU live Skimbaco lifestyle and know how to do it the best in your home location? Are you an expert of for example European travel, Hollywood fashion, or Asian food? Join our Pinterest team! Read more about Skimbaco on Pinterest and the FAQ questions of becoming a Skimbaco Trendspotter, and the rules of being a Trendspotter, and then use this form to apply if interested.

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Skimbaco Lifestyle is for nomadic trailblazers, fearless founders, rebel leaders and people who live life to the fullest.