For Men: Artisanal Italian-made Bicycles by Iride

Artisanal Made Italian Bicycles by Iride

Urban biking has become a very popular method of transportation among city dwellers. Major cities such as Paris and New York have even implemented bike sharing programs to make buzzing around town even easier. Our editor, Katja Presnal, has recently been traveling throughout Italy, and sharing amazing photos from her Instagram. All the inside glimpses of pasta making and and oil olive tastings reminded me that the Italians our master craftsmen and known for their artisanal work.

To get around town in true style, bicycle brand Iride offers Italian made bicycles that embody all the quality of Italian craftsmanship. These bikes have sleek aesthetic and will be sure to be a header turner whether riding down 5th Avenue or Avenue Montaigne.


The story behind Iride is quite unique. Founder Brian Miller was traveling throughout Italy and was introduced to the oldest handcrafted bicycle manufacturer in Italy, the Gemmati Family. The Gemmati family has been producing bicycles since 1919 so there is a lot of heritage behind the brand which I love. Miller fell in love with the quality of the products, and the former architect by trade brought them back to the States.

Pista bottom bracket lug

Iride bicycles are the perfect blend between a traditional upright bike and a high performance racing cycle.

Miller says:

We are an urban bike company, however, we do not take performance nonchalantly. While the ergonomic design of the bike is very important to us, speed, power, and functionality are priorities.

The bikes feature the benefits of a steel frame yet are light like a carbon fiber or aluminum, something connoisseurs will love. Three models are currently available for purchase:

  • Monello: This single speed freewheel bicycle presents unique ergonomics and high performance resulting in a simple powerful bike. (Price: $2,190 plus shipping)
  • Volatore: Weighing a mere 20.55 lbs, this complete 18 speed roadster features Miche Race components including a compact crank with external bearings, and lightweight wheels with bladed spokes. (Price: $2,590 plus shipping)
  • Bici Pista: With perfectly balanced handling qualities, this classic track bike is suitable for racing or pavement. (Price: $2,490 plus shipping)


The Italian craftsmanship and heritage of the Iride bikes will be sure to take your urban cycling experience to the next level. Information and ordering can be found directly on the Iride USA website. When traveling, biking can be one of the most ways to see a city and explore. Take inspiration from Katja Presnal’s bike tour of Montreal.

Photos: Iride USA

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