We’re moving to New York!

My little New Yorker – yes, Kris was born in New York, and he can’t wait to move back!

If you follow me on Twitter – this is old news, but now I can finally shout it out here: We are moving to New York!!!

I have been wanting to write about this and tell you all about our exciting news, but I was afraid my husband getting dooced. But yesterday dear hubby finally told his soon-to-be-ex-boss he is quitting in a few weeks, and I can shout it out now: we’re moving to New York.

First I have to say, we love Colorado. It has been an amazing experience to live at the Rocky Mountains. We literally lived on the side of a mountain and me and hubby were ski bums this past winter. Really, we worked at the ski area part time to get free ski passes.

While we wouldn’t mind staying here, we crave for new adventures. It feels great to say I’ve been a ski bum in Colorado, but let’s face it, I don’t really want to be a ski bum for life. I want to experience other things too.

We used to live upstate New York, and absolutely loved it. We moved away from New York in 2004 and have lived in Ohio, Tennessee and Colorado after that. We’ve seen a lot, travelled a lot but never really forgotten New York, and always felt we wanted to go back. Now we are moving to the North side of the city, in the beautiful Hudson river valley. It would be such a culture shock to move to the city from the mountains, but I think we’ll enjoy the closeness of city, without actually having to live in the city.

I’m so proud of Matt, he got an amazing new job. We have been moving around a lot while he has been building his resume and it all has been worth it. Matt still will be flying helicopters, but now he will be even in a higher management position than what he had here. Now I have started dreaming of an outside home job as well. Our youngest one will start school this fall, we’ll be close to the city… who knows, I might look into career opportunities in the city after a while. Either way, I’m so excited to meet all my online friends face-to-face, and living close to them. Also, my best girl friend lives in New York, I can’t wait to spend more time with her!

The whole family is so excited to move, but the catch is… we still need to drive there! Matt will have to do some training in Dallas and visit some other bases on the way, and we’ll take our time. A lot of time. We’ll be on the road with three children for total of 5 weeks or so.

I did that fancy map with Mapquest, and according to them, we will be driving 2637 miles to get from Colorado to New York. (for my Finnish readers: that’s 4244 kilometers, like driving from Turku to Ivalo and back, and then doing it all again – yes, it’s almost four times the lenght of Finland)

Wow! That’s a lot of driving! Thankfully, we have some experience on road trips, and are well equipped. It is going to be a challenge to run a business just with laptop, and some of the products can not be shipped during our trip. Thankfully I have very good business partners and I am able to keep the store running during this time. And I will take all you with me – I’ll be blogging and sharing our crazy life with you. Isn’t it just funny that I wrote a tag line for my blog “from skiing in CO to shopping in NYC” last year? See, dreams come true, you just need to believe in them.
  1. Wow! NY. I grew up in Westchester and was back there for 3 months this winter when my mom suddenly became ill (doing great now). I drove all over Hudson and Dutchess County and went up to Vermont. Hard to compare after living in Jackson for so many years, but I did like some of the river towns like Nyack, Piedmont, New Paltz … heard Hudson is nice. Good luck! e-mail me if you get a chance. I would love to know where you are headed.

  2. Katja,
    You will be entering my neck of the woods – Welcome! If you want to get in touch use my contact form and we can talk!

  3. Thanks for all comments!
    Lisa, that’s awesome your hubby is already finishing up with flight school! And he’ll love Kiowa, you’ll have so many nice base options with that – like upstate New York, we loved Watertown!

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming move! I just came back from a month long vacation to upstate NY while my husband is finishing up flight school in Ft. Rucker. (I don’t know if you remember but we e-mailed back and forth for a little while…anyway, my husband ended up getting Kiowa and is very excited!) I just love NY summers and we had a great time visiting our family and friends. Other than the trip back at which point I wish I had the yakpack! (I wrote a post about it with a link to your blog). This is all over the place but I wish you and your family safe travels and the best of luck in NY!

  5. I’m so happy for you and your family. I’ve never lived out west – at least you can say you’ve done it! Just think you’ll be in New York in the fall – that combination is so exciting. I also love a family moves – we’ve moved across borders and states a few times. I’ve enjoyed every move. Change can be so exciting and rejuvenating – Bon Voyage!

  6. Any chance you will have some extra space? My son is moving to NYC for his first job out of college, and he is looking for someone who is going from Dallas to NYC and has some space to cart some stuff. Obviously, would be willing to pay! But, he’s looking for someone who will be having a truck or trailer with some space, not just some trunk space!!!
    Please email ajsamuels1@tx.rr.com to let me know!!! Time is not a big issue, and it sounds like you will be coming through Dallas!!
    Thx, Alan

  7. i’m bummed that you are leaving our wonderful state, but am excited for all of your new adventures in NY. congratulations to you and your whole family. :)

  8. Hienoa etta kaikki on jarjestymassa. Kiva sitten nahda New York elamaa taalta sun blogista.

    Hei, voisin vannoa etta olen nahnyt unta San Antonion vanhan kaupungin nakoisesta paikasta. Outo juttu. En itse siella ole koskaan kaynyt. Nayttaa tosi kivalta paikalta.

  9. Congrats. I’m staying behind in the mountains of the southwest but wish you great journeys!

  10. Vau mitä uutisia! Enkä malta odottaa raportteja elämästä New Yorkissa, oon aina halunnut käydä siellä. Jonain päivänä vielä…

    Sitä ennen nautitaan Amerikan sukulaisten seurasta, he saapuvat Suomeen Sacramentosta parin viikon päästä : )

    Hienoa, että sait myös työasiat järjestettyä matkan ajaksi.

    Kesäterkuin: Sanna A

  11. Isosti onnea!! Me just tultiin Lapista eli kertaalleen vedettiin Suomi edestakaisin:) Istumalihakset oli hetken kovilla mutta kyllä kannatti. Ja kohta uudelleen… Mahtava kuva Krisista!! terkuin Marja & pojat

  12. So exciting…and hoping I’ll have a chance to meet you. You’ll still be several hours away, but that’s a heck of a lot closer than Colorado.

  13. Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome adventure. Good luck on the roadtrip to get there!

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