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Mulberry Target Like I just confessed yesterday – I love Mulberry and Mulberry is indeed making a bigger splash in the US and did a bag line sold only at Target. The bags in the Mulberry for Target collection are fraction of the price of authentic Mulberry bags, and the Mulberry for Target bags are all under 50 bucks. The collection went on the shelves of Targets across the nation on Sunday, and I had to go and check it out. I normally don’t go to Target at all, but wanted to see the collection, and was ready to get a bag or two just for fun. mulberry-target See the price differences? And in the pictures the Target bags didn’t look that bad, especially when you look at the low prices. I was quite excited. When I entered the store the Mulberry for Target collection was right in the front, it was the most visible display in the accessories section, you could not miss it. And then it sort of hit me the first time, there was no way I could buy one and put my nice real Mulberry coin purse inside one of these cheap bags that screamed cheap. mulberry-target-bags I don’t know if it was that my expectations were high, or that I sort of thought H&M’s collaborations with designers or even IKEA for cheap knock-offs. Maybe I had just forgotten the Target quality. The Mulberry for Target collection was a big disappointment for me, there is no question about it. The bags are cheap pleather, and the pink ones just scream plastic. The only bag worth maybe getting is the Patent Satchel (in the left bottom corner in the above picture), but even that was already sold out online on Sunday, a few others liked it too. In fact many styles are already now sold out, so most Target-shoppers took the line in with enthusiasm. But for someone who has loved Mulberry for so long – this was a big can’t do…  I’m saving my money for the real thing, because I know it’s worth it. Oh, yes, the pictures online doesn’t look that bad, so here are some “real” pictures too taken from the store. While I normally don’t write negative reviews, I wanted to point out that Mulberry for Target is very far away from the Mulberry I love and which I have been featuring a lot lately. mulberry-target-bags-store
  1. Hmmm…I think I may need one of those pink leopard print satchels…not want..NEED. Along with food, water, shelther and clothing…I need that leopard print bag..

  2. Thanks for this blog. I have a Mulberry for Target bag on hold right now. Not sure if I want to pick it up tommorow. I feel like the medium denim satchel looks like it was made for a 12 year old. In the real picture it looks like a cheap blue instead of a classy navy. In my continuous search for the perfect handbag, I am always torn between too boring and too tacky. Any tips?

  3. You know, I’m actually quite fond of shopping at Target but I’ve not been a fan of a lot of their “designer” collections. I actually think the regular Target stuff looks higher quality. I wonder if the designers are so concerned about differentiating the lines so as not to offend their regular customers at the higher price point, that they end up with something so stripped down and/or cheap looking that it doesn’t even reach the regular Target standards…

  4. I think it’s probably safe to say that most people who are buying the bags from Target have no idea what the quality of a real Mulberry bag is like. I had never heard of them until I read your posts, and I’m guessing that might be true for a lot of other folks.

    I’m personally not a big fan of reducing quality products to essentially plastic and pleather for the sake of putting the brand in more stores. I think it cheapens the brand. Just my personal take on it :)

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