Biscotti and Gelato in Venice

Greetings from Venice! Our (culinary) adventure in Europe continues, we arrived in Venice, Italy, a few days ago. I am in love with Venice, and while it’s not the culinary Mecca of Italy, the food can be glorious. What I love the most about Italian food is the simplicity. I had the best pizza in my life yesterday, and it simply had apples and Gorgonzola cheese as toppings. No added herbs or tomato sauce, just the rustic pizza with apples and blue cheese. And what annoys me the most is when people try to cook Italian food and they think simple can’t be good and start adding little bit of this and little bit of that in the recipes – instead of letting perfectly pairing ingredients like apples and blue cheese to form a culinary delight. I got off the topic here.. What I meant to say – even as simple as biscotti and gelato, the cookies and ice cream are simply amazing. Every street corner has a small gelateria, an ice cream shop, offering several different flavors of creamy ice cream or refreshing sorbets. Most gelaterias offer gelatos in these traditional flavors: vanilla, chocolate, cream custard (or milk) and various nuts like hazelnut and pistachio, and fruits and berry flavors like lemon, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, peach, banana and pine apple and flavors from Italian desserts and drinks, like tiramisu, zabajone, stracciatella.. The list really goes on and on, and my daughter said there is even a gelateria where you can find over 50 different gelato flavors – but we are not visiting there – like we need more choices here!

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