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Luxury Diffuser Jewelry collection ENJOY LIFE brough tto you by Skimbaco Lifestyle. What is diffuser jewelry? The ENJOY LIFE diffuser jewelry is meant to be used with essential oils. You can add essential oils to your diffuser jewelry to get the health and wellness benefits from the oils. What are essential oils? Essential oils are the aromatic liquids found within shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, resins, and seeds. These oils, also known as nature’s living energy, contain unique constituents that provide therapeutic results. Follow with the individual instructions on each essential oil label to experience the amazing, health-promoting benefits. Essential oils are very potent and some may be irritating to the skin. Learn more about essential oils at our sister site Enjoy Life with Oils. Why to diffuse with jewelry? Know that amazing relaxed feeling you get when you just walk through the spa door and smell the calming scent? Or the feeling when a scent reminds you of something wonderful and makes you smile? Or when you wear your favorite essential oils and feel empowered to tackle whatever your day brings you? This (and much more) is why you should diffuse essential oils in jewelry. There are so many health & wellness benefits from using essential oils. Artisan diffuser jewelry, handmade in Texas, USA. Where is ENJOY LIFE diffuser jewelry made? Everything is made Texas! We teamed up DeAnna Cochran Jewelry, and the collection is custom designed for us, and every piece is handmade in their workshop in Texas. We are pretty proud of this Made in the USA label. How do I add the oils? Essential oils can be added to three different materials: lave beads, leather and crystal geodes. Drop 2-3 drops of essential oil directly to the jewelry (to leather, lave bead or geode), rub it in with your finger and let it dry and then wear. Typically oils last 1-3 days, but it really depends on what kind of quality or type of oil you are using. Some of the oils we have tested have lasted over a week (or two), especially in the leather. Once the scent is faded, you can layer it with more essential oils. If you follow with a different essential oil, I recommend using one that compliments the previous scent in case you can still faintly smell the previous. What kind of essential oils can I use? Only use with high quality essential oils that are suitable for topical use, because especially the bracelet will touch your skin, so you will receive topical benefits as well, besides aromatherapeutic benefits. Do not use low grade essential oils that are not meant for topical use. We have been only testing our jewelry with Young Living’s essential oils, because we trust their high quality. Also use caution with some darker oils, they might cause staining (so far we haven’t ruined any jewelry though!). I accidentally added too much essential oils – can I wash it off? Sorry – we don’t recommend washing off the oils. Just let it fade! Luxury Diffuser Jewelry collection ENJOY LIFE by Skimbaco Lifestyle Help!! I saw ENJOY LIFE diffuser jewelry piece somewhere online/friend wearing, but now I can’t find it from the website. Can you help me to find it? I wish I could — but all what we offer TODAY are available on the website. Some styles sold out before making to our website even before our official launch! If you see a style you like, I recommend getting it now. We hope to keep a few styles in stock for a long time, but can not guarantee it. When you purchase a piece from us, it is always exclusively handmade, and an artisan piece. We do not mass produce any of our styles. Do you ship internationally? Yes! We have set shipping prices: $7 domestically in the USA and $15 internationally outside the USA. Free shipping on ALL orders over $200. Note: when you order outside the USA, you will be responsible for possible taxes and duties in your country when your package arrives. Do you offer discounts or bulk pricing if I want to order several pieces? Yes! We always offer free shipping on all orders over $200, and we offer bulk pricing on our sister site at EnjoyLifewithOils.com. You can enjoy significant savings when you order the diffuser jewelry in bulk (in packs of ten). With significant, we mean significant. Get your friends and team members together, and order together. I love my ENJOY LIFE diffuser jewelry because it is such a great conversation starter about essential oils and I sell them! Would you ever consider making team exclusive designs or giving my team members a discount code? I think everyone in our team should have diffuser jewelry because it helps to sell oils! See above — we offer bulk pricing in some designs, and team discounts could also be arranged if you all want to place an order together. Contact us and let’s work it out for you. Is ENJOY LIFE diffuser jewelry available in any retail stores? Do you sell wholesale? We are not in retail stores – yet! But yes, we do offer wholesale pricing for exclusive retailers. We have just launched, but hopefully will you will be able to find us in retail stores soon. Contact us with wholesale inquiries, and let’s chat how essential oils and diffuser jewelry is one of the trendiest things right now!

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