3 Ways to Storage Kids' Toys (even in small rooms)

Last week I introduced the StrollAway hook for convenient stroller storage. What about all those toys? There are toy chests, bookshelves and storage bins, but what if you don’t have much space? Then every piece of furniture you bring in has to pull a double duty. Offi, Boon and P’kolino offer modern solutions for kids rooms with bold looks and bringing storage a part of room design.


Offi has great solutions for modern homes. Their modern furniture offers solutions for every day living with modern look and great functional design. My favorite is the Roll-Top Bench ($399) with plenty of storage for toys. It’s great also for mudrooms for keeping the rain boots, umbrellas, helmets, small sports equipment or other kids’ gear in.


Boon is one of my favorite brands of innovative modern design for kids – colorful and practical products that both kids and parents like. The Boon Animal bags come in three sizes, the Oval, Otto and Trio, and they are the perfect storage for all of the kids’ stuffed animals. We have the orange Trio ($59.99) and we actually have it in our living room – it hold all of our three kids’ stuffed animals and it’s nice to lounge on it and watch TV. The Boon Trio is 49″ wide so there is plenty of space for toys!


You can find several great pieces of furniture from P’kolino’s collection. Their furniture is playful, modern and often has a multi purpose. The P’kolino products that offer stylish solution for toy storage are the Kube Set and the Play Ottoman ($229) – which goes well also in living room. And one of my favorites from P’kolino is the Clothes Tree ($77.50) – but I think it actually looks the better the less clothes it has hanging on, and you need to decide if it is a decoration or actually for kids clothes, bags and accessories. My girls have a lot of clothes and I wonder if the tree looks as good when it is full. PS. Check out Green Your Decor for another cute idea for storing kids toys.
  1. These are such great suggestions! My baby’s toys have exploded in her bedroom and are really just cascading out of the little bins I bought her. I’m thinking we’re going to need something like the P’kolino Cube Set to tidy her space!

  2. Hi,
    I love the look of those animal bags. They look so comfy. My son’s cuddly toys are always falling all over the place so the fact that you could keep them tidy and have somewhere to lounge about sounds great.
    Cheers, Chloe

  3. I am a big Offi fan. I have a couple of their tiny bent ply chairs and will be so sad when the kids are too big for them… of course, I can sit on them, too, so it will probably be a while! We love our Boon Animal Bag, too. I need to get another one for Jasper. And I’ve been eyeing that p’kolino clothes tree but I think you might be right about it being more form than function. It just looks messy with stuff on it.

    Great taste, as usual!
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