Horrible Product Experience – So what is the right protocol here again?

I received free sample of night cream promising my eyes to look wrinkle free. I did not ask for a sample, never provided an address where to send it, never made a promise to review it, but happened to get a product sample in an event and tried it. This morning I woke up my eyes tingling and a surprise awaited me when I looked myself in the mirror. My eyes were puffy and red and skin peeling off, like a sunburn (no, it’s not sunburn). I have dry red patches around my eyes and my cheeks, and after washing my face the skin really started hurting, just from water. My skin is in pain, and I do not want to get out of the house looking like this. So tell me.. what is the right protocol here? A. Blog about the product by it’s name and tell my honest opinion and product review. Results: warning other women but giving the company bad PR. B. Let the company know what kind of skin reaction I had. Results: they will know about it, but nobody else will. C. Do nothing. Results: nothing really, we all have bad product experiences all the time, just suck it up. And… I received the product for free as a sample. Would your answer be different if I had spent money and bought the product? A. No difference, it doesn’t matter how you got the product. B. Yes, different, it’s totally different thing, because you didn’t even spend money on it. C. If B, please explain how it is different. I think most bloggers want to do the Right Thing – but what is the Right Thing here? I created a survey and I would appreciate your honest feedback and would love to start a discussion on this subject. Click Here to take the survey. UPDATE: I wanted to add here: I do not share my address with many people, only give it to a very few trusted people, and do not post it on my blog. The company did not send or give it to me personally wanting a review. I received a product in an event for bloggers (so I assume the company might be wanting blog reviews). Awesome comments people – loving the conversation on this!

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