Save Your Marriage App: Neer

I recently wrote a post at Lifetime Moms hoping that an app could help me to do spring cleaning, and while my house isn’t any cleaner now, those phone apps can sure do magical things. I was introduced to a very cool app at SXSWi conference in Austin last month, and I go as far as saying that this is an app that could save your marriage. The app is called Neer (available for iPhone 4 and Android). Imagine this scenario. Your husband calls “honey, I’m leaving work now, should be home in 20 minutes” and you say “great, will you stop and get milk on the way home” and while your husband answers “sure thing”, something happens at work right when he is leaving, pulling him back to do some more work, talk to a co-worker about yesterday’s game, or fill the fax machine with paper because the faxes are still coming in – or what ever it may be that holds him back. His honest intention was to come home immediately, and get the milk, but life happens and when he is finally on his way, he just wants to get home fast, and forgets the milk. And you are mad – twenty minutes turned into two hours, and no milk! Sounds familiar? If not – you are probably alone or still on your honeymoon. We have apps for connecting, we have apps for sharing pictures and words and our locations with numerous “friends” or followers, and many of us are afraid to use these location based apps that will reveal your every location. I for one would never check-in at my kids school publicly, but I would like my husband to know that I picked the kids up from school and we all are safely back home. Neer solves all of these problems for you. You will connect only with your “inner circle” of family or friends with Neer and it will automatically send notices to your family where you are. And by this I mean it is so automated that you don’t even have to use the app to check-in at places. So when your husband really leaves work, the app will send you a message he left work, and he didn’t have to do a thing – just leave the building. You can pinpoint important places like work, home, school grocery store in the app, and it will send you notices when your family members enter or leave them. I see this an awesome way to keep track on your tweens and teens! Oh, and when it comes to the milk at the grocery store… You can leave notes at places for each others or for yourself. For example when your husband enters the store to get the milk, you could have also entered a note “get milk, and bring cookies too” and the moment your husband enters the store, your note pops up. No checking in – all automatic. Now, this is an app that could totally save a marriage.

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