RedRover App for Scheduling Meeting Friends, Finding Kid-friendly Places

RedRover is like Foursquare for moms, only better. No games of being a mayor, no silly badges to show off you are a hard core playground goer, just connecting with friends and making scheduling playdates and meetups easier. RedRover is an app developed by a mom herself, to make sharing your day, your top places with kids and making it easier to connect with others in your area. While you may think that many location based apps do allow you to do this; at least to share your location with others, and share pictures, but I personally don’t share the information and the location what I do with my children for safety reasons. Yes, I do publish my location in my travel destination with a picture of an umbrella drink with other location-based apps, but when it comes to my children and their safety – I rarely check-in to places where we commonly go on every day basis, I want to keep our privacy. However, there has been several times that we have found out a friend was close by, or that friends could have joined us if they had known where we were. RedRover allows me now to publish my location to a small group of friends, they see where we are and what we are doing and I can even send them a quick invite to join us, and it just makes it easy to make plans on the go. In addition to better connectivity and the ability to schedule meetups with friends, RedRover also helps you to find kid-friendly places and places with clean restrooms around you – always a good one to know as a mom. What I probably like the best is the auto-call/text feature for emergency contacts and 911 – with one click you will be able to send an emergency text message with your location to selected emergency contacts. RedRover was founded by Kathryn Tucker, an award-winning film producer who moved into the tech space after identifying a social networking “missing link” for active parents. She, like most of us moms, has a hectic schedule and her life includes balancing the life of a single mom with two young children. She put everything behind to create RedRover to help moms. You can get RedRover for iPhone or Android.

Download RedRover now & Support EveryMotherCounts

RedRover teamed up with Every Mother Counts to raise $20,000 for EveryMotherCounts. Sign up or download RedRover by July 28, 2011 and your download will contribute for higher donation for Every Mother Counts organization. Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Everywhere but my opinions are my own.

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