Happy Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers celebrating Thanksgiving today! Our team is spread out around the world from California to East Coast USA spending time with family and friends to us in Scandinavia in Norway and Sweden, where it is just another day. We are celebrating Thanksgiving here in Sweden, and making it special although not like what we are used to. I couldn’t find a turkey from the store and opted for a large free-range chicken instead. It’s still a mystery how my pecan pie will turn up without corn syrup and with me improvising. Thankfully my dear in-laws brought us cornbread mix so the scent of cornbread stuffing is filling the house as I type. This year has been amazing for Skimbaco, and I am so thankful for all of our readers (the amount has tripled this year – THANK YOU for everyone!!). I am overwhelmed with gratitude, especially because I did so many changes to Skimbaco Lifestyle this year, thank you for sticking with me. My move to Sweden and leaving new York behind resulted in unreliable posting schedule on the beginning of the year, and then we combined all of the blogs in the Skimbaco blog network into one site this spring, and added several new writers this summer. Thank you for believing in Skimbaco and continuing in believing in living life to the fullest. I am very thankful for the Skimbaco Team, all of our writers who live Skimbaco lifestyle in very different ways, and share it with all of us. Thank you Satu, Leigh, Nina, Adrienne and Wes for joining the team this year. I can’t wait to introduce you some new team members joining us soon as well. Thank you.

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