Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Party Appropriate Sweaters {from Wes}

December 7, 2012 Wes Holland

Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Party Appropriate Sweaters {from Wes}

Holiday Sweaters for Men

As December begins to unfold and the holiday season is in full swing, many of us will find ourselves with a social calendar full of holiday parties. While many of us have been invited to the classic ugly sweater themed parties during the holiday, not every party calls for a tacky sweater. There are many options that are classic, refined, and perfect for holiday parties and do not leave you looking like you missed the memo that the party you are attending is not an ugly sweater party. I’ve picked options from the winter collections of Ralph Lauren, Jack Wills, Barbour and Vineyard Vines. Most of the styles possess similar characteristics, namely Nordic inspired prints and classic designs. Furthermore, all the formerly mentioned brands incorporate a sense of heritage into their respective collections, which results in timeless designs. Ralph Lauren presents a wardrobe staple for any refined man: the cable knit sweater. Perfect for layering with an oxford underneath, the cable knit sweater is versatile and can be worn year-round. Similarly the shawl collar option from Barbour is a go-to piece and creates an effortless, polished look. This season, Jack Wills, a British Outfitter to the gentry, as well as Vineyard Vines, a staple in any preppy wardrobe, offer options with festive prints that maintain an aura of class at the same time. Fair Isle and Nordic inspired prints are a perfect way to capture the festivity of the holiday season while not going overboard. All of these options are sure to leave you looking perfect for the season at your next holiday party, and they will continue to be perfect well into the New Year. Click on the interactive photo to get the shopping information for each sweater. Fashion Friday I’m linking up with Blonde Episodes and Jo-Lynne Shane’s Musings of a Housewife for Fashion Friday.
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  1. I’ve always loved giving beautiful sweaters to my “man” and my sons each year at holiday time. But I find I’m looking for something equally practical (and seasonal) but unusual.

    I toyed with some ideas for women about two weeks ago – gifts under $100 – and many are just as applicable to men. Impeccably designed objects from museum stores, toys that adults love (trains), subscriptions to magazines. And yet… Who doesn’t adore a man in a beautifully tailored shirt, an elegant (or fun) tie, or something that makes you want to snuggle up to him on a cold wintry night?

    Lovely site, by the way. New visitor.

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