Shopping Guide Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy to all Shopping Guides on Skimbaco blogs. This disclosure only applies to posts and pages labeled as “shopping guide” or “gift guide” and “travel+shop” posts.

Skimbaco Stamp of Approval in Every Product

The items in the Skimbaco shopping guides are carefully picked by Skimbaco writers, and often tested or reviewed by us or other trusted sources. If you find a product in a Skimbaco shopping guide, you can trust the price-quality ratio is good. Companies and brands are not able to purchase a product placement in a shopping guide or in any other form on Skimbaco sites, if we can’t genuinely recommend the product.

Possible Affiliation with the Product Brand

Our endorsement of the products in our shopping guides is genuine, but we might have gotten to know the product by getting a free product or attending a press event – either recently or years ago and might have developed a working relationship with some of the brands we genuinely like. When you are reading Skimbaco shopping guides, please keep in mind: – None of the featured brands, products or stores have not bought a link or placement in our gift guide, unless the entire post is specifically labeled only to feature products from a specific store or brand and disclosed as sponsored by the brand or store. – There might be affiliate links in the Skimbaco shopping guides (we receive a commission if you buy through a link on our site). – We might have gotten a payment from a brand whose product is in the shopping guide in a form of advertising, a sponsored post or other way at some time since the beginning of our blog. – We might have received a free product sample to test the product at some time since the beginning of our blog. – We might have a working relationship with the brand or their representative.

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