Date Night – and the Best Date Ever!

December 11, 2007 Katja Presnal

Date Night – and the Best Date Ever!

Today is going to be a date Night! Ok, not REALLY, but almost. But it’s the Anniversary of The Best Date Ever!

Bourne Ulmimatum is out on DVD today and I’m having a movie night with the sexiest man alive!

No, I didn’t mean Matt Damon, even though according to People magazine he’s the sexiest. I meant my own Matt, if he ever makes it home from work through all this snow.

I’m so looking forward tonight, even though it’s just a movie and some sinfully good home made nachos and my husband watching the movie with me. We don’t have “date nights” often and actually get out of the house just two of us, so you gotta make something special – just of watching the Bourne!

We never really dated much, and half of the first year together we were on the different continents (rest of it we lived together) so two years ago Matt decided to surprise me with A Real Date. He even asked his parents to fly all the way from Texas to Cleveland, Ohio where we lived to babysit!

We went to a U2 concert, which was awesome, and U2 is my all time favorite band. Matt bought me the tees, the sweater and the pins from the concert.

After the concert Matt took me to the small Cleveland lake-side airport, where we saw the band climbing up to their private jet and fly off to the dark December night. It was freezing out there, and it felt totally unreal to see my favorite band to climb up to their airplane – I felt like a teenager stalking my idols!

But I am bigger fan of Matt than Bono, that’s for sure.

When the Vertigo-jet had taken off, we took off – Matt took me for a helicopter flight over the city. It was scary and amazing, and I was so impressed with my husband’s flying – yes, it was just two of us – my husband was flying the helicopter! We saw the city lights against the cold dark night, and flew over our own home to see our Christmas light on our yard. It was even romantic, even though I was so scared!

It was amazing date, and most importantly: after years together, I think my husband is just amazing for doing all the trouble for me and making it so special. So I just happened to remember the date of the concert today, and thought I’d surprise Matt with a good old movie night at home!

Gotta go now and feed kids some dinner and put them to bed early – I’m ready for a Date Night in our own living room!

Ps. Holiday Gift Idea:
Well, the Bourne Ulmimatum of course and then a good TV and Bose Lifestyles home entertainment system – it is so good you will not even care if you miss the movies at the movie teather.

Katja Presnal

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  1. s a n s k u :)

    We end up doing the movie at home date quite often. To me they totally count as a date. Did you see The Illusionist? Totally a date night movie!

  2. Crunchy Domestic Goddess

    U2 is my favorite band of all time as well. :) how awesome that you got to see them after the show.

    hope you have a fabulous date night with your man tonight. :)

    p.s. thought you might be interested in my new (mostly) green girly gift guide & giveaways. :)

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