Modern Paris Chic – B&W with a hint of Pink

Modern Paris Chic Design Board

Another theme for my B&W living room! Modern Paris Chic with hot pink. I am hosting an e.l.f. Cosmetics Makeup At Home party on Tuesday and wanted to get some pink going on to our living room for the party. I thought Paris Chic theme would go well, and I’m of course making pink cupcakes to tie it all together. In fact, I will probably get a glass container full of pink candy for a center piece. Candy and flowers make great and easy ways to bring more color to your room! We still don’t have all of the elements for our living room that I need, but I promise, I will be posting photos how far I have really come, and how I added pink accents to get the Paris Chic party look for my makeup party for my friends. Products in the design board: Pink lampshade ($14.99) – with this low price, you can use it only for a while, and then maybe embellish it with something to get a new look? Save money and skip the real chandelier, get a wall sticker instead. The pictured is from Wall Tat and comes in several colors and sizes. Another way to bring the chic chandelier in your living room: the chandelier pillow ($14.99) in hot pink brings color and style! What’s a Paris Chic room without an Eiffel Tower (or two)? Wire Eiffel Tower brings Paris in just for $19.99. The wall clock ($29.99) gives nice vintage feel to otherwise so modern room and makes it warmer and more welcoming. I love simple black photo frames. My favorite things to frame are black and white photographs, but the simple frames make it easy to swap the photos to something else to reflect my decorating mood. For the Paris Chic theme I framed Fabulous Friends Boxed Cards from Cambria Cove ($30 for 20 cards, 4 different styles) and I cut out vintage map pictures from Cavallini wall calendar ($12.99). I also added a Mama Mio’s hot pink Gravida Candle ($26) to get my family’s living room to smell ah, so Paris Chic!

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