Travel Sized Hair and Body Care Product Kits

September 5, 2011 Katja Presnal

Travel Sized Hair and Body Care Product Kits

I admit, most of the time I use the shampoo and the conditioner in the hotel, and in most cases they have good quality haircare products. In fact, some of the beauty products I have found at hotels are now my favorites. However, I do budget travel as well, and the quality of the hotel reflects directly on the quality of the haircare products in the room, and I usually take my own with me, just in case. Also, if you travel (and especially fly) all the time, your skin and hair will need extra care. I seem to have hard time sometimes finding products in the travel size, but scored big at T.J. Maxx a while ago, and found the Giovanni Cosmetics FLIGHT ATTENDANT First Class Hair and Body Kit, with Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo and conditioner and cucumber body wash and lotion. The set is $7.99 and comes in a clear ziplog bag, ready for your flight. And of course, you can always just fill in the small bottles you get from hotels again and again to avoid buying travel sized products. Also, Pitotubes sells fancy travel sized bottles in clear plastic bags for carry on flights. I find the price a bit too much, $42 for the set of 6 bottles in a bag, but they also sell the bottles individually. , ,

Katja Presnal

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  1. Enjoy Life Oils

    Those are great, I have seen them in some hotels as well. And I like the refillable bottles better too than buying the small bottles (or using the ones in hotel) each time. I also often reuse the small bottles, some of the ones you get from hotels are super difficult to refill because the opening is so small (I know because I have tried reusing them!), so the ones you can buy are great but I just find the $6-7 empty bottles a bit pricey..

  2. I was at a hotel recently that had refillable large wall-mounted bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower. From an environmental perspective, I really appreciated that. I don’t like the use of so many throw-away small bottles, either ones that people purchase themselves or that are provided in hotels.

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