Links We Like: Fall Edition

Here are some of my favorite fall time links for enjoying the autumn time. You might also want to click to Hip As I Wanna Be, where Jennifer interviewed me and featured me in the Working Mom Spotlight. I’m revealing some secrets there and more about those soon – living exciting times here, that’s for sure. Enough about teasers, here I represents some fun fall links. Fall in Love: Beautiful Boots at the Blonde Episodes is a fall boot & shoe drool fest. I could take every.single.pair. Yes please! How to Knit a Sweater for your iPhone is a post with full directions at Colorado Mom. Start with a sweater for your phone and then move on to knitting a sweater for your dog, and maybe by the time you’re finished you are a) ready for matching sweaters for the family or b) totally done with the knitting thing. A Simple Recipe to Make Crumble Topped Fruit Cobbler at Untrained Housewife truly is such an easy recipe that you can even make it with your kids. Or heck, have your kids make it for you, or hubby, if you don’t have the kids. Yumminess that doesn’t cost much, doesn’t take long, and surely makes you enjoy life. One side note though: I’d replace the canned fruit with fresh ones, apples and pears are right on season right now. Food for Fall Linky at Lil Kid Things continues with the food for fall, because I know the cobbler made you hungry for more. 5 Favorite Soup Recipes is a brilliant guest post by Jennifer Leal at Skimbaco Food for those cold fall days when you just want some hot soup. She makes mean chicken enchilada soup pictured above – check out 4 other soup recipes from her! Fall, the best time to take pictures at Picaboo blog is a great reminder to snap some fall time photos. There truly isn’t anything like autumn colors, enjoy it while it lasts! Trend Spotting: Orange You Excited for Spring at The Luxury Spot already looks towards the next spring, straight from fashion week. Good news; if you now buy orange clothing for fall, the color will be in when the spring comes along too.

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