Mama Must Know: Four Cornerstones of Parenting

Guest post by: Cynthia Litman who is hosting a great Tele class about parenting this month. Being a mother is a journey of self-discovery. Most moms are searching for answers while they are giving them to their children. And what we know may be rendered obsolete as our children evolve. You don’t have to know every thing, you just have to know yourself. During my journey as a mother, lawyer, blogger and radio show hostess I’ve discovered four cornerstones to the mysterious parenting knowledge bank that if moms can master, our children, communities and the world at large will be a much more connected, happier and authentic place. – Generational Wisdom – Integrating Spirituality into Parenting – Mastering The Present – Passing on Gifts to your Children These cornerstones are our parenting gateways. Your generational wisdom is your greatest natural inner resource. Our genetic makeup records our family history. Our cells store the collective experience of our ancestry. This makeup comprises our nature. You are a walking history book and your children are the sequels. You can acknowledge or ignore your nature but learn to have fun selecting the best parts and netting out the less appealing aspects. Then observe how your children’s nature evolves and how they tap the reserves of your generational wisdom. How we nurture affects our nature. Integrate spirituality into your family’s life and help your family find authenticity. You can read every spiritual book and attend every self-help class but without integrating the lessons the books are better off collecting dust on your shelf. Your family is a perfect practice zone. A good starting place is to practice awareness. Monitor your own parenting style, your limits, emotions and how you perceive yourself. Then observe your children’s responses, limits, emotions and how they perceive themselves. Take simple steps to richer familial relationships. Once you honor what you discover, your family’s truth will manifest. Mastering the present is any busy momma’s greatest challenge. All we really have is now. Our children grow and evolve at warp speed and each moment you share with them is a miraculous gift. Being fully present for them, for your self, your spouse, your job no matter what is swirling around you takes work. Mom’s who know best, know that staying calm and centered in your present moment better prepares you for the next moment. Be the eye of your perfect storm. From our whole-hearted center, our true wealth emerges. Passing on the gifts to your children is your legacy. The feelings, love and qualities remain imprinted upon our generational line and take the form of a memory, photograph or a hand knitted blanket. Your children will restart the cycle to decode the lessons from your past to serve their present and pass on to future generations. Your gifts may be your children’s curse and vice versa. We simply don’t know whether the lessons we share with them will be applicable to their lives. Yet we hope sharing our gifts will create a beautiful ripple in our family pond. I practice the four cornerstones daily and not always gracefully. My journey has helped me build a unique framework to help others incorporate these cornerstones into their family life and reinforce what we innately know. This is the focus of my new 4 week group tele-call series called i-5 Live!! Starting Nov. 8th and I invite you to join me and go on an inward journey. You will gain practical tools, learn the four cornerstones and feel more connected. SPECIAL CODE TO GET $5 OFF, use code SKIMBACO in the check-out as my gift to Skimbaco Lifestyle readers. Picture 1 Guest Post by Cynthia Litman. Cynthia Litman is a working mom of two delicious children and is the spiritual and visionary guide of Mommas Pearls. Cynthia began Momma’s Pearls in 2009 when her grandparents passed away as an outlet to remember and pass down their wisdom and provide support to other everyday busy parents. Mommas Pearls has since dovetailed into the Mommas Pearls blog,talk radio show and M’S Gems.

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