Spring Trends for Well-dressed Man

With a change of seasons we can always anticipate new trends in terms of fashion. For the upcoming spring 2013 season, I interviewed John Carroll, president of Carroll & Co.. The company has been supplying quality men’s clothing to clients in Beverly Hills for over six decades. Being highly interested by men’s fashion, I was excited to hear what Mr. Carroll had to share regarding what the well-dressed man can expect to put in his closet this spring season.

Interview with John Carroll

Wes: A well-dressed man stands out from the crowd. What is is about dressing well that motivates you the most to don well tailored, detailed clothing each morning? John Carroll: A well-dressed man not only looks better, he feels better. His confidence level is elevated, he knows he can go toe to toe with a fellow employee or boss if he is dressed the part. When a man chooses his outfit without much thought and care, it often shows in his demeanor and work ethic. A properly dressed gentleman, who takes the time to put himself together properly, will get ahead of the game. We’ve all heard “Dress for Success” – how true this is. Wes:  We are all anticipating men’s spring fashion and trends. What can a well-dressed man anticipate having in his closet this spring? What are the biggest trends and what is out for spring 2013? John Carroll:The past few seasons have seen a trend toward tight, form fitting clothing. The fits are being eased just a bit, but clothing is still trimmer, narrower and neater than it was 4 years ago. Ins for Spring 2013: Lighter colored suits – beige is a key this season Solid color sport jackets Linen in trimmer fitting slacks Bold woven shirts in plaids, both linen and cotton Aqua Single pleated slacks Quality straw hats Outs for Spring 2013: Bold plaid sport jackets Full double pleated pants Purple Baggy jeans Low vamp footwear spring fashion trends for men 2013 Wes: Discuss a briefly the founding of Carroll & Co. and how it has changed since its inception. What key factors do you believe have allowed it to remain a Beverly Hills storefront for over six decades? John Carroll:Carroll & Co. was founded in 1949 when Richard Carroll, then a publicist at Warner Bros. needed a suit for his brother’s wedding. The closest traditional clothier was Brooks Brothers in Downtown Los Angeles, a good distance from West Los Angeles. Carroll felt it was the right time to introduce quality, traditional clothing to the Westside consumer. There have been changes over the years, but the challenge in retailing is to continue to do the things that have made us successful all of these years. Quality merchandise is the key – we never trade down or try to substitute fine merchandise for the sake of pricing. We have a professional staff, one that knows the ins and outs of how to take a customer through his existing wardrobe and build sensibly with new styles and colors. Tailoring is also a key element. Our tailor shop is on the premises and our two head tailors have been with us for a combined 61 years. We have changed our mix of merchandise – less suits and sport jackets and more sportswear – but we never sacrifice quality. Wes: As many retailers faced slower sales with the economic downturn, how has Carroll & Co.’s focus on details and craftsmanship caused clients, Hollywood elite, and A-list celebrities to flock to your store? John Carroll:I think our service has set us apart for so many years. Our staff turnover is very small. You will remember the same faces each time you enter our store. Everyone from our sales staff to our tailors to our office personal is a Carroll veteran, some working with us for over 30 years. We continue to offer services (free tailoring, delivery, wooden hangers with your new garment to name just a few) to our clients that have fallen off the radar of many other stores. Our attention to detail is second to none. The special buttons we use on our shirts, the contrasting linings in our suits and jackets, the hand stitching throughout many of our garments, the array of colors that we show in knitwear and woven shirts, the hand finishing of our neck wear, our own timepieces, colognes, blazer buttons – I could go on and on. It is the details that set fine store apart from the crowd and Carroll & Co. looks at each and every one of them. And I am here in the store all the time. I’m involved in every aspect of the business, from the selling floor to the merchandising, advertising, web site, etc. – I try as hard as I can to stay on top of it all.

Get ready for spring

I loved hearing Mr. Carroll’s insight not only into the business, but also his forecast for spring 2013 trends. The Ins for spring 2013 sound like they will be just my style, featuring light colors, linens, and trim fits. It’s time to start stocking the closet with these spring trends now! You can find the Carroll & Co. storefront located at 425 N. Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Monsieur Curations - Men's Lifestyle at Skimbaco Lifestyle, feature by Wes Holland

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