The Top Skimbaco Moments as Holiday Photos on Instagram

best-holiday-photos-on-instagram-2013 We are not officially hosting Instagram Travel Thursday today, but you can find the last week’s link collection from the bottom of the post to read last week’s posts and you are welcome to add new posts this week as well. I wanted to share some of my favorite Holiday photos from Instagram from the readers, friends and team members of Skimbaco Lifestyle. I hope we are already connected on Instagram, and I can continue seeing your photos. Please keep sharing your photos with #skimbaco hashtag (you can see the latest photos from our readers here), it is an easy way to get connected with like-minded people who all want to enjoy life and share the joy of living life to the fullest with others.

The Best White Winter Wonderland

The absolutely best Instagram feed this December to see white winter wonderland comes from Switzerland. Anita shares unbelievably beautiful scenic photos from Swiss and Austrian Alps. This photo is from Austria. white christmas wonderland, photo from Austria by @travelita on Instagram Photo by Travelita

The the best Bucket List Moment

“Adventure” or “bucket list moment” can be so very different to different people, and we always want to encourage you to define your own adventures and also to look back in your life and see the bucket list-worthy moments that you perhaps thought you’d never do, but you did. I loved the bucket list moment from Susan’s friend Joanne this Christmas. Christmas carousel, photo by @susan_vibrantireland on Instagram
Fun on the Winterval Carousel! Having a go was on our friend Joanne’s bucket list, and the weather broke enough that she could! :-)”
Photo by Susan_Vibrantireland

The Best Family Christmas Card Photo

The best family Christmas photo comes from the Browns from California. Nothing is more skimbacoish than jumping of joy and sharing the moment with the people you love. erika and morgan xmas photo
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! We are jumping for joy!”
Photo by erikal and morganb180

The Best Family Tradition Moment

We hunt trends, we embrace everything new, but appreciating old traditions is deeply embedded to what Skimbaco is all about. Christmas tradition, photo by @rockstarmomlv on Instagram
Learning to make our traditional Italian Christmas dinner. My grandmother and her sister are teaching the younger generations so we can carry on.”
Photo by Rockstarmomlv.

The Best Gingerbread House

When a gingerbread house has a fountain in the courtyard it is easy to declare it the best. gingerbread house. photo by @therichlifeonabudget on Instagram
Cutest gingerbread house!”
Photo by @therichlifeonabudget

The Best Holiday DIY

When you create Christmas from your heart, you have to spend time to do it so. Creating crafts, handmade gifts and setting up your home with homemade goodies is all so skimbacoish! I loved seeing Tamera’s DIY ideas this Holiday season on Instagram. diy candles, photo by @tamerabeardsley
Making candles here today … Ellis and I have had this on our Christmas list for so many years! Thank you @ellistracy for making this one come true!”
Photo by TameraBeardsley

The Best Holiday Food Photo

Food is such an important part of the Holiday celebrations, and part of the fun is making it together. I love not just how these cookies look and probably taste good too, but the idea of all of the time spent together creating them. christmas cookies, photo by @keltainentalo  on Instagram
We love decorating Christmas cookies.”
Photo by keltainentalo

The Best Christmas Gift

The best Christmas gifts are from the heart. This year the best received gift was a photo book I made for my in-laws, but I think Reeta took giving photo-gifts to even higher level – she had a fairy photo shoot for her children, and photos were the gift not just for the grandparents, but the experience itself was amazing for the children. Double gift!! Fairy photo shoot by @houseofanais
Fairytale photoshoot = xmas present for grandparents”
Photo by Houseofanais

The Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The most beautiful outdoor decorating picture comes from Italy from Bolzano in South Tyrol. christmas decorations in italy Photo by TheFamilyCompany.

The Best City Christmas Photo: USA

I loved virtually traveling around the world this year and seeing Christmas photos from around the world on Instagram. NYC is such a special place to spend Christmas time, so my best city photo comes from my favorite city in the USA. Thanks for sharing Jen! NYC Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree, photo by @jentemple on Instagram Photo by JenTemple

The Best City Christmas Photo: Europe

This is one of the most magical Christmas photos from Rome, another city I absolutely love. The Colosseum, the moon, the Christmas tree. christmas in rome. photo by tianapix
Triple threat.”
Photo by Tianapix

The Best Christmas Tree

I think Leigh has done the best job featuring the most beautiful Christmas trees found in luxury hotels this Holiday season, both on Instagram and in her blog Hines Sight Blog. She spotted this gorgeous tree in the Walt Disney World. grand floridian christmas tree
A room this grand, needs a grand tree. The Victorian-themed tree at The Grand Floridian at the Walt Disney World. “
Photo by HinesSightBlog

The Best Christmas Airport Photo

Planes, trains, automobiles… Traveling is such a big part of the Holiday season, and luckily it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The best airport photo this year comes from Schipol airport in Amsterdam where this Santa band was spotted. schipol airport santa claus amsterdam. photo by @radiohead28 on Instagram Photo by radiohead28

The Best Christmas Market Instagrammer

I hope you had a chance to visit some Christmas markets this year. There is something magical about mulled wine, small of roasted nuts and Christmas lights combined in shopping for artisan products for Christmas. Germany is known for magical Christmas markets, so it was easy to declare DJ the best Christmas market Instagrammer, he visited 7 different Christmas markets in Germany this Holiday season. This photo is from Nürnberg. Nüremberg Christmas market,, photo by @dreameurotrip on Instagram Photo by dreameurotrip

The Best Vacation Photo

This was one of the most difficult ones to choose – so many great vacation photos!! However, I loved seeing how Constance planned her trip to sunny California and Hawaii for a long time, and I’ve loved seeing her trip photos of her and her beautiful daughter (pictured). I love how they are together making their dreams come true. beach photo by @angelconstance on Instagram
My daughter is awesome, look at this babe”
Photo by angelconstance.

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