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coffee-on-instagram To celebrate our first e-magazine issue with a theme “Coffee, tea or me”, I am going with the same, perhaps a bit nontraditional, Instagram Travel Thursday theme today. Many might think what coffee, or tea has to do with traveling, but I think they have everything to do with traveling. Think of your first cup of coffee on the morning when you wake up in your hotel – coffee matters. Leigh investigated on page 13 what defines as a new luxury in the in-room coffee in hotel rooms. Or how can you travel to England without experiencing the afternoon tea? Reeta explains the differences between afternoon tea, cream tea and champagne tea starting on page 62, and gives you tips of the best places in London to enjoy them. Reeta also traveled all the way to Sri Lanka, to see where the Lipton Tea grows, you can read about that on page 46. Or recently, when I flew with KLM and I couldn’t but wonder, why they don’t serve real milk (only the powdered crap) with coffee, after all, Dutch are known for their dairy products. Made me think of KLM’s branding all over again, just because I couldn’t get my coffee the way I wanted. For many of us, it’s the simple joy of life: a cup of coffee or tea, that is part of our everyday rituals, and it doesn’t change when we travel. In fact, I only drink espressos in Italy, and sweet iced tea in the Southern parts of the USA, they are part of the experience. But now – to weekly 5 of Instagram Travel Thursday brewed hot for your consumption.

1. Featured photo editing app

Adrienne, TheRichLifeonaBudget on Instagram, found a brilliant new photo editing app called Waterlogue. It costs $2.99 and is a horrible timesuck, you can’t stop using it once you try it once. Waterlogue turns your photos into watercolor paintings and you can try different styles with a very Instagram-looking editing application. waterlogue app This of course easily turns your Instagram-feed to an art gallery of watercolors, but think how you could also turn your travel photos into art on your walls by printing the Waterlogue-art. Ah, the options these days! Painted in Waterlogue

3. Featured Instagrammer to follow

Follow http://instagram.com/zenina on Instagram Today’s featured Instagrammer is Zenina, a lifestyle blogger and a mother of a baby boy. Nina shows that being a mother doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your style and she blogs at Zeninan.com. I absolutely loved seeing that she enjoyed a cup of tea and our first e-magazine issue this week.

4. Featured IGTT post from last week

I’d like to feature Leigh’s post St.Regis Singapore has this week’s hotel eye candy, a cup of tea.

5. Featured Instagram marketing campaign

fika gram Lastly, a somewhat brilliant Instagram marketing campaign that doesn’t have anything to do with traveling, unless you consider that it’s done by 7-Eleven gas station brand, a natural stop on your road trips. 7-Eleven in Sweden figured out an easy way to be the match.com on Instagram right on time for the Valentine’s Day. Get a green coffee cup (available!) or red cup (taken!), post a selfie on Instagram and tag it with #fikagram and bam! people know if you are available or not. “Fika” is a Swedish coffee pause, and asking for someone for “fika” is considered a serious “date”. You can see all of the pictures at Fikagram.se, where you can even sort photos by single/taken or male/female categories. Oh my. Fikagram Instagram campaign by 7-Eleven in SwedenIf you happen to be in Sweden today, 7-Eleven is also hosting a “singles’ mingle” and the coffee is on Match.com. Only in certain locations, details in Swedish. “Alla hjärtans dag närmar sig med stormsteg. Dagen innan, den 13 februari, bjuder Match.com och 7-Eleven in till en värmande fikadejt med nymalet kaffe och singelmingel. Välkommen torsdagen den 13 februari klockan 17–19.00 till följande butiker; Södra förstadsgatan 78 a i Malmö, i Femmanhuset i Göteborg samt i Stockholm på Rörstrandsgatan 10 och Humlegårdsgatan 11.”

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