Paperwings – children’s clothing with imagination

July 13, 2007 Katja Presnal

Paperwings – children’s clothing with imagination

I have seen hundreads of different children’s clothing brands.

What I look in the children’s designer clothing is something “special”, either it’s something to make a child laugh, a new trick how pants stay up better, or just an elegant and simple cut, that gives a feeling of sophistication and brings out the beauty of the child. I buy quality that lasts long, and want to see every piece of clothing inside out – to check the stitching, and how the clothing feels inside.

Every now and then I find a precious gem, a new clothing brand, a new designer, that I have mixed feelings – in a way I want to keep this amazing brand a secret, I feel like it represents my own views of children’s clothing so clearly, that I feel like I have a personal connection. And on the other hand – the new brand is so amazing that I want everybody to know it. I want every child to have a piece of this uniqueness, and I want every child to feel as happy as the little girl in me.

One of my most amazing new finds is Paperwings from Australia. I saw the clothing at a trade show in New York this spring. I’m sure the people of Paperwings thought I was a bit weird – I was looking at their clothing and just kept nodding my head and smiling. I was totally blown away with the designs. I was trying to keep it cool, I needed at least seem sane, I wanted to dress up my children in these clothes this fall, and I really wanted to get the clothing for my store.

I’ve kept this secret in long enough…
Now I want to shout it out from the roof tops.
This is a gem, this is special, this is Paperwings from Australia:

Paperwings children’s clothing is imaginative and bold, fueling children’s imagination. Paperwings aim to enhance the lives of children by creating clothing that positively influence the way they look, feel, play and experience their environment. Paperwings celebrates the freedom of being children, looking like children, and most importantly feeling like children.

Jason Gibaud and Michelle Fallon are the architects of this highly individual company. Their unique expertise in design and construction is a direct result of their many collaborations in theatre design, feature film production and projects in architecture and interior design. The experience of raising their own young children, Vevette and Esther, is key to the practicality, comfort and fun inherent in the products they create.

Paperwings design influences are many and varied, with strong links to historical shapes, traditional crafts and historical and contemporary textile printing. Working on many international feature films, such as Moulin Rouge, Star Wars and Peter Pan, has provided the foundation for developing new and unusual approaches to their children’s designer clothing.

I’m happy to introduce you to Paperwings. And I’m proud to say, it is available at this fall.

Katja Presnal

Katja Presnal shows how to live Nordic inspired life to the fullest and plan your dream life. Katja owns Presnal5 strategic marketing intelligence agency and wants to help marketing professionals to combine a dream career and dream life via freelance work. Katja is an award-winning marketing strategist, and a well-known speaker. Katja has lived in five different countries, and seven states in the USA. Her three children were all born in different countries within three years. When not working or jet-setting the world, Katja is at home cooking big family dinners. She has been featured in NY Times, Glamour, Redbook, Fodor's, Forbes and Woman's Day magazines among many other national and international publications and written for MTV3 and Lifetime TV networks.

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  1. MorningSong

    Great finds indeed!! So cute!!

    By the way, I left a message for you on my blog!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Katja from

    I know, aren’t these amazing!

    And they are even better when you see the craftmanship, feel the softness of the fabric, see little details, like the buttons..

    And I agree with you – I wish I’d find something as amazing for myself.

  3. mAsOn & tErrI's mOm

    I want that last skirt for myself!!!!

    I need some serious fashion HELP….(no I actually I have good taste just no funds to back it up!LOL)

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