Owls! Smart fashion statement

After I finally got my internet working, and I’m back on being a night owl. After I tuck my kids to bed on the evenings, I make myself a huge cup of cappucino, and sit down with my laptop. Last night I heard a hoot from the open window, and took it as a hint – it’s time to give owls a premier spot in my blog.

Owls are the symbolic birds of wisdom and even education – the owl is the teacher in the children’s animal books, and Owl in the tales of the Winnie the Pooh is the smart one. Even though he might spell his name WOL.

The beginning of the school year, the darker and colder nights of the fall, no wonder that the nightly bird, owl, is one of the fashion trends of the season! Make a smart fashion statement with these cute owl products.

Owl Onesie by Jasper Hearts Wren 30$

Owl long sleeve tee (29$) by Tea Collection

Owl hoodie custom made, 35$ at Etsy

Owl Broche (26$) by Lola et Moi

Wall Decal, Owl in the tree, 50$ at Etsy – the owl alone is sold separately.

Kumquat has a whole line of cute owl clothing and even baby blankets to match!

Paul Frank Owl Bedding.

Owl wallet, 36$ at Urban Outfitters.

“The Owl who was afraid of the dark” by Jill Tomlinson, 68$ at Amazon or used starting at 7.25$. Classic book to read to any child who is afraid of dark.

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